Sunday, 20 December 2015

Sew Festive!

advent week 4

The last week has been unbelievably busy, with Christmas performances at school, another concert with my chamber choir, Christmas dinner and class parties, not to mention making cards and calendars! So I breathed a huge sigh of relief when the bell rang at 3pm on Friday. Mr JK and I celebrated the start of the holidays with an Indian takeaway and it tasted very good indeed! 

Yesterday I allowed myself the luxury of a day of sewing, starting off with some Christmas bunting. I bought the kit when I was at The Makeplace last weekend. It was very straightforward to make and the mix of fabrics that had been selected was perfect.

sewing bunting (2)

Once I'd sewn all the triangles together and turned them the right way round, it was a question of deciding what order to stitch them onto the tape. I pinned them in place, then sewed them on and bingo! One length of bunting done!

festive bunting (2)

It's now hanging up in our hallway and does look rather jolly!

festive bunting (1)

Today, while Mr JK was out running 20 (yes, 20!) miles I started on my next festive stitching project - some Christmas Tree bunting. I bought the kit from SewMeSomething after spotting it on Instagram. It is super-cute, consisting of nine felt trees. I spent some time discovering my inner bling as I decorated the trees with ribbons, buttons, sequins and stars. It was hard to be restrained, but I tried not to overdo it! 

Xmas tree bunting in the making (2)

Once decorated, the trees were stitched together - I used my sewing machine rather than do it by hand - and then lightly stuffed, before being pinned onto the tape and attached with a button.

Xmas tree bunting in the making (1)

Ta dah! Here it is, already hung in place over the kitchen door. I love the thought that both these lengths of bunting will be decorating our home each Christmas for years to come.

Xmas tree bunting (1)

Apart from sewing, I have made a couple of tape measure cosies as gifts. I love being able to customise them for friends and they are so quick to make. You can find the pattern here if you'd like to make one for yourself. 

tape measure cosy gifts (11)

tape measure cosy gifts (4)

tape measure cosy gifts (9)

Mr JK and I went to our local church carol service this afternoon. It was so atmospheric, lit by candlelight, and lots of old favourite candles. I feel so Christmassy now that I'm planning a day of festive baking tomorrow. Mmmmmmm. xxx


VeggieMummy said...

I do love bunting and your festive bunting is just gorgeous; what a great way to celebrate the end of term. The covered tape measures are a great idea for gifts too - practical and pretty. Enjoy your baking. xx

snoopydog said...

What a fab post! I LOVE both your sets of bunting, but particularly the little trees! Love the tape measures too!!!!! XX

Evelyn Hender said...

Love that Christmas tree bunting, very festive :)