Sunday, 13 March 2016

In a nutshell ...

This week, as well as finishing off my school reports (yay!), I have ...

** reached the heel flap on my Magic Loop Continental knit stripy socks! **

magic loop stripes wip

** started knitting a hat using yarn from Festiwool last year **

hat in the making wip

** bought fabric for two more Kate dresses **


** baked a mohnkuchen (cake mix from Dr Oetker)**

mohnkuchen (1)

** knitted past the heel flap of the 'toe' socks **

sauna socks wip

** got myself something new to read **


This week Mr JK has ...

** run a half marathon! **

race bling

This week Florence has ...

** gone to sleep on the kitchen chair **


** and gone to sleep on the sofa! **

more afternoon snoozes

I hope that lots of good things have happened to you this week too. xxx


PixieFoxtrot said...

Looks like some of you had a busier week than others! I wonder how Florence managed to fit all that sleeping into one week!
I had to Google Mohnkuchen... Sounds yummy, and yours looks divine. I think I might have a go, I've got some poppy seeds left over from a salad dressing recipe. Do you mind me asking where you found your recipe? Yours looks more "cakey" than some of the recipes I saw.

Lynne said...

Lol! Good for Flo! It's a hard life being a cat. I love the colours in your hat, good luck with it.

Andrea Hart said...

Wow, you have been busy! Have you started planning your holiday knitting?
My cats have been enjoying the sunnier weather. It's still a bit chilly for the inside softies to venture out for their sunbathing but they've been stretching out near windows to catch every little bit of light and warmth.

VeggieMummy said...

Great socks and your book looks good - as does the cake! Go Mr. JK and Flo looks like she's building up to her half marathon! xx

Snoopydog said...

Ha ha! Love the contrasts! Have a good week! Ros

Jenny said...

I don't understand how you manage to do so much and have a full time job while I am a pensioner who does so little. I must have some of Flo's genes.