Sunday, 19 June 2016

Very colourful!

Today's post is brimming over with colour, the perfect antidote to our somewhat dreary weather of late. There is something rather uplifting seeing lots of colours together. Definitely good for the soul and for making you feel happy. 

I have been making steady progress on my Cosy Stripe blanket. I think I have 6 colours left before the main part of the blanket is done. Then it'll be the fun job of choosing colours for the border. My evenings have looked a lot like this ...


You can see that Florence is keeping a close eye on proceedings. She won't leave me alone when I am working on the blanket, when usually she curls up on Mr JK's lap. I think she is making a point!

I finished off another Contact Print cushion yesterday. I picked out a rainbow of fabrics from a stash of scraps that my friend Michele sent me from her bag making business. I like it a lot and have plans to sew another! I used a fun sheep print fabric for the reverse - very bright and cheerful. I bought the fabric when I visited one of the big craft shows last year and am pleased that it's been used. 



The postie brought me a colourful parcel this week; I was the winner of a giveaway on Picperfic's blog and won a sweet little quilted dish. Marianne very generously padded out the parcel with a braid of her delicious fibre - perhaps I'll spin this up to start off the Tour de Fleece next month.


The garden is looking lovely, especially if you ignore all the weeds! Lots of pinks and purples with the odd splash of orange amongst the flowers. Which one's your favourite? I do love foxgloves, there's something magical about them. 


Spotted this ripe strawberry today too, luckily before the birds did! You cannot beat English strawberries for sweetness and flavour. Yummy!


We went for a walk around the gardens at East Ruston Old Vicarage this afternoon, and finished our visit off with tea and cake. A very friendly robin came and perched on our table, hoping for a few crumbs, so Mr JK shared his cherry bakewell muffin. I think that's the closest to a wild bird I've ever been. He returned a couple of times for more.


In case your eyes need a rest, I'll leave you with a black and white photo of Flo, taken earlier this week. I love her big eyes in this. She looks like she's up to no good (she probably was, too!) Have a good week, hope it's full of colour! xxx



VeggieMummy said...

What a lovely, colourful post - it's pouring down here at the moment, so it has cheered me up no end. Your cosy blanket is gorgeous and I think I know who would like to claim it! Your cushion is lovely too and so neat; I like the 2 black kitties peeping in there. I'm very envious of your strawberries - mine are still at the flower stage; I'm getting rather impatient! Have a lovely week. xx

Lynne said...

What lovely photos, and your cushion is fab. You have such a good eye for mixing colours.

Jenny said...

Colourful indeed, I've just put up a very beige post so I appreciate yours very much. Hope your week is equally vibrant.

TT in MD said...

i love the cushion! and how fun to see all the bag fabrics! your flowers are beautiful too - nice colors!