Sunday, 26 June 2016

Ends in sight!


Meow meow everyone, Florence here. My Mum is rather busy right now; busy with a needle and scissors, and let me tell you, she's a little bit grumpy! You see, she's finished crocheting the main part of my blanket, but there's just one tiny issue.


I did try pointing it out to her every time I sat on the blanket. It was pretty obvious, even to me. See if you can spot what she'd failed to notice!


Can you see them?! Of course you can - all those ends! I did mention once or twice that I didn't think that the blanket was meant to have a fringe, but that fell on deaf ears! I was only trying to help. So yesterday evening Mum started weaving in those ends. 


I even let her have the blanket all to herself today to speed up the process. I know that sometimes I do make it quite tricky for her when I'm fast asleep slap bang in the middle of it! I found something else to sleep on in the meantime - a crocheted bag!


I was very excited when Mum started crocheting the border later this morning. I was impressed by how fast she'd sewn in those ends! But then I discovered that she'd only done some of them, and before long, the border had caught up with all those ends! Time to down the hook and pick up the needle again.


The pile of ends has grown, but I think that there are still about half of them left to sew in. I've heard mutterings that Mum is going to sew in ends as she goes next time. Yeah, right!!! I'll believe that when I see it!


In the meantime, I'm going to keep a low profile and snuggle back onto the blanket at the earliest opportunity. I have my paws crossed that next week you'll be able to see a finished blankie, borders and all! Meow, meow! xxx



Bridget said...

Well, for what it's worth, it's beautiful! (And shows off a black kitty quite well ...)

Una said...

I love these posts about your funny cat.

VeggieMummy said...

Hi Flo. I hope you had fun playing dens in that top photo - the colours certainly do complement your fur. Tell your Mum that I'm exactly the same with ends - I always plan to do them as I go along but somehow it never works out like that. Have fun with your new blankie - it is obviously destined to be yours! xx

Clicky Needles said...

Florence, please tell your mum it's MUCH better to sew is as you go, crochet 20 rows sew those ends in.

She'll be less grumpy.

Lisa Humbert said...

I love all those bright colors!

TT in MD said...

beautiful! thanks for posting an update about your blanket Flo!

Jenny said...

We knitters are all full of good intentions Flo, that's why we have so much yarn in stock. I had a friend who knitted fair isle and never stitched any of the ends in, her jumper had a very a fringed interior. So we should be glad your Mum is making the effort and that you have another woolly item to sleep on.

Lynne said...

Um, Flo, are you sure that blankie is really for you?!