Tuesday 12 July 2016

My name's Josiekitten and I'm a Stylecraft Blogstar!

Do you know what it's like to have a delicious secret that you are absolutely bursting to tell but can't?! At long last I can share the news that I have been asked to be one of Stylecraft's blogstars! You may remember that last year I took part in their blog tour and designed a cushion which used the new colours in Stylecraft Special DK yarn. Fast forward a few months and several emails, and Friday afternoon saw me heading up to Slaithwaite in Yorkshire, the mothership of Stylecraft. 



Those of us who travelled up on Friday were wined and dined to perfection by Annabelle Hill, the Sales and Marketing Director at Stylecraft and Juliet Bernard of Blue Bear, a Strategic and Social Marketing company. On Saturday we all met up at the mill. Oh my word, what a wonderful day. We sat around a table laden with bowls packed full of tempting new yarn, listening to Annabelle and Juliet outlining the Blogstar programme and finding out about some of the themes influencing the newest yarns in Stylecraft's range.  Let me tell you, there are some real treats in store for you! 


Stylecraft blogstars meeting July 2016 (18)


We were each given an amazing goodie bag full of all kinds of yarny delights. Of course Florence wanted a snoop when I unpacked it back at home. I think she was probably eyeing up her next blanket! 


Stylecraft goodie bag (6)

There were colour cards for Yarn Stories, which is a beautiful range of yarn spun at the mill, a folder with all the Stylecraft yarns in it, project bags, Stylecraft key rings, chocolate, a  set of Knit Pro Karbonz interchangeable knitting needles, samples of the new yarns/colourways and a complete set of all 16 colours of their new yarn, Batik, which is 80% acrylic and 20% wool. The colours are wonderfully soft with an almost stonewashed look, and I have lots of ideas bubbling away for how to use up every last cm of my pack! Sue Pinner has already designed some crochet projects which we were all able to ooh and aah over - this one is my favourite. 

Stylecraft goodie bag (1)

Stylecraft goodie bag (3)


There was also a pack of tags to attach to projects - great fun! Very hard to pick a favourite but I really like the one near the bottom of this photo! 


I was very excited to learn that Stylecraft are going to be releasing a range of sock yarns in the summer - be still my beating heart! I cannot wait to see what colours they are - some self striping and others more graduated. Yum! As soon as I know more, I'll let you know.

It was wonderful to be able to meet up with a group of people just as passionate about yarn as I am - people who simply 'get it' and don't think it odd!! I've been reading some of their blogs for many years, and have discovered new ones too. If you click here, you'll be able to see who else is part of the Blogstars. Plans are already underway for our next get together. Can't wait! 

Here's a photo of all the bloggers who were there on Saturday. Se if you recognise anyone! Back row - from left to right, Sandra (Cherry Heart), Julia (Hand Knitted Things), me and Sarah (Annaboo's House); front row from left to right, Kathryn (Crafternoon Treats), Heather (The Patchwork Heart), Phil (The Twisted Thread), Lucy (Attic24) and Sue (Shropshire Scrapper Suz). Missing from the get together were Jane (Jane Knits)  Emma (Emma Varnam) and Angela (Get Knotted Yarn Craft).


It was a wonderful day and I drove back to Norfolk from Yorkshire in a bit of a yarny daze! Thank you to Annabelle, Juliet and Sophie for looking after us all so well. I really do feel incredibly lucky to have been invited to join this amazingly talented group of crocheters and knitters and would love to share a little of my good fortune with you. Stylecraft have very generously given me some vouchers for yarn to use as prizes on my blog over the coming months, so I thought it might be fun to give the first one away right now! If you'd like to be in with a chance of winning a £5 voucher for Stylecraft yarn, all you need to do is leave me a comment telling me what your favourite Stylecraft yarn is. These vouchers have to be exchanged at a 'bricks and mortar' shop in the UK and can't be redeemed online, so I'm sorry that I can't send one to you if you're living overseas. But I'll send you a Stylecraft project bag instead as a consolation prize if your name gets picked, so please tell me if you're in the UK or overseas when you comment. I'll leave the competition open until midnight on Saturday 23rd July, so there's plenty of time to enter. Then I'll use a random number generator to pick one lucky winner! Good luck! xxx

blogstar rosette


Unknown said...

Oh wow! There's so many different yarns and colours in this post. I've just discovered Stylecraft Life and the most beautiful Teal colour. Even the cats agree and they never agree on anything.

Angela Armstrong said...

Wow, it looks like an amazing day. Thank you for all the details and the yummy "yarn porn" pictures. SWOON!
I'm totally in love with the Cabaret yarn in the Sunset colourway. I'm working with some now. Of course as a "yarn sibling" I recuse myself from your giveaway. I cannot wait to read more and see your ideas. xoxox

Darling Prints said...

For me it would have to be good old special dk, it's such a lovely soft yarn in the most amazing range of colours. I've had many happy times with my daughters working out new combinations for planned blankets. Thank you for sharing your day, it's sounds like it was a lot of fun.

VeggieMummy said...

What an amazing day - lucky,lucky you and lucky Flo too! I've only ever used Stylecraft special dk for blankets but the idea of a new self striping sock yarn is rather exciting. xx

Jelibe said...

What a wonderful day you had and I'm so happy you got the opportunity to have such a wonderful day out at a yarn mill.
I remember the first time I wanted to make my first shawl, at the time I crocheted, so about 6 or 7 years ago. I wanted something soft and airy, so I chose a few balls of stylecraft life 4 ply in a grey/blue colour. I was pretty new to how much one needed in regards to yardage and I WAY over bought, lol! I still have a ball of that yarn now! The shawl turned out great and made a lovely present for a family member.
I love yarny trips down memory lane �� I live in th U.K.

Jennyff said...

You lucky little kitten, that looks like an amazing event and such a wonderful bag of good stuff. I must have used Stylecraft over the years though for the life of me I can't think when or what, put that down to age. And can this be considered an overseas post since I shall be away now till probably November.

Sam I Am...... said...

I'm so excited to find all you "blog stars"....I know a few but I've just added a few too and that is so awesome especially some knitters! I crochet and knit and knitting is still in the learning phase as I've only been doing it for 3 years! LOL! I love your blog and thank you for the drawing. I am overseas in the U.S. but every time I find a blog, colors, patterns etc. that I love it seems to always be someone from the U.K. I would love a bag as I order from Deramore's all the time (actually...they are faster than some U.S. companies...imagine that!) and it is almost always Stylecraft. I can't wait for the sock yarn as I love making socks and always have some on my needles. I'm so excited to follow you and I will be checking all your archives too from beginning to end...I'm anal that way! LOL! Congratulations on being a Blog Star and getting all those wonderful goodies!

Claire said...

Oh I am so so green with envy at your day out and the goody bag. How lovely to be a blogstar for them. I love the Special Aran, I'm using it right now to knit blanket squares for a square swap that I'm moderating on Ravelry. Their yarns are lovely, soft and very well priced.

Crimson Kettle said...

It all sounds very exciting, I'm looking forward to seeing all the lovely things you come up with for me to have a go at. I usually use Stylecraft special DK but I like the look of the Batik. :-)

Lilacden said...

Sounds like you had a great day! I mostly use DK for blankets, great colour choice! The sock yarn sounds very interesting!

Unknown said...

I'm itching to try the batik, it looks great. I love yarns with slight tonal variations as flat colours end up just that: flat. And I may have a weakness for sock yarns too...

Misa said...

So envious of you all! I do like Stylecraft yarn, and their Special DK is definitely a staple for me. Classique Cotton DK is something I long to play with but haven't yet, and now my fingers are itchy to get a hold of Batik as well!

snoopydogknits said...

Looks like you had a lovely time! I like the Stylecraft Special DK; it's great for blankets! x

Maureen said...

Hello. I just discovered StyleCraft Special DK and the glorious colors when I began to crochet again after a 30 year hiatus. Took up knitting these past decades. But arthritis is sending me back to my first love - crochet and Special DK. Love to be selected. I live in US.

Jacqui F said...

I'm intolerant to wool (apart from merino) and my daughter is vegan. I am a sucker for a broad range of shaded colours too, so Stylecraft Special DK is my favourite to return to again and again. I'm currently crocheting various car blankets.

Ann Marie said...

For me, it'sgot to be good old Special DK. It comes in such a fantastic variety of colours, is easy to work with, works well for knitting and crochet and for almost any project for any age range. It's very practical, wears well and is such a good price. I am, however, looking forward to trying the new Batik range.

Unknown said...

My favourite has got to be special dk as I learnt to crochet with it, but...I think the batik will be my next new favourite xx

HexagonalPatchwork said...

I have to say that special dk is my favourite. It's the first one I came across and with the range of colours available I'm inspired to do different projects all the time! However looking forward to the new range /colours

Bead Queen said...

I am so jealous you got to go to the Stylecraft HQ!!! I bet it was heaven! Yarn porn at its finest haha
Such a lovely blog read <3
I would love to be entered in your prize draw, I am from the UK :)

Unknown said...

I found your blog via Stylecraft on fb. Glad I did! What a great weekend you must have all had.
I use Special dk so much but I also loved using Alpaca dk, loved the colours and the softness. I'm in the uk. :)

Caz said...

Oh wow - what a fabulous time for you.
I'm a Stylecraft Special DK 'girl' - I have 4 crochet throws on the go at the moment all with SSDK. Idea for so many projects too - grandchildren's woollies are great with it as they wash and wear so well.
Love the look of the new yarn and happy to hear there's new sock wool planned - another passion of mine.
Thanks for listing everyone's blogs - I'm making a special bookmark folder for them so I don't lose them again.
Would love to go in your prize draw - I'm in the UK
Caz xxx

Unknown said...

I used to love the Baby acrylic in 200g balls, but they don't seem to do that anymore.
I wonder if you could have a word in their shell-like, now that you're a super famous blogstar.
Gravesend UK.

Tean Porteus said...

We went to Slaithwaite (which I believe you pronounce something like Sl-ow-it) on our canal boat and saw the Stylecraft factory but it didn't seem to be open at the weekend! My favourite is Special DK as I love the huge range of colours.

Carola Willhalm said...

Sounds that you have a really great time :-) My favourite is the Stylecraft special DK but after seeing the wonderful colours of the Batik I'm sure I urgendly "need" the Batik ( a stash can never be big enough, right ? )
Greetings from Germany

Jennifer said...

I love Stylecraft Life DK, I made little crochet hearts in cream for all the place settings at our wedding.

I love your blog and your cat!! Our black cat Nero likes to investigate any new wool I get!!

kathy said...

What a lucky kitten. My fav is stylecraft special for blankets. But I agree with Carola can a stash ever be big enough, so I think I will have to have some Batik.

Pam said...

I have been in love with Stylecraft Special DK for ages, 4 blankets, 2 ponchos, a stack of cushions, a shawl or 3 and on and on. I have been quilting for years but in the last year knitting and crochet are taking over.

Jane Winter said...

When I looked at the group photo I knew straight away which one was you, although I don't think I've ever seen a picture of your face before! Congratulations; how very exciting (but very much deserved). Jane

Unknown said...

Congratulations, so well deserved and i cant wait to see what you create with the gorgeous new Batik range! My favourite is the Special Dk, its just so soft and such good value. Good luck with your new adventure.Kate,
South Buckinghamshire, UK.