Saturday, 2 July 2016

Tour de Fleece Day 1

I am sooooooooo happy to be able to join in with this year's Tour de Fleece. I missed it last year because of my wrist and thumb problems. My friend Marianne very kindly sent me a braid of her gorgeous fibre a couple of weeks ago so I decided to use it to give this year's Tour a colourful start! The blend is called Seduce and is a gorgeously soft mix of Blue Faced Leicester, baby alpaca and silk. This particular colourway is called Jo.

Tour de Fleece 2016 day 1 (2)

It drafts like a dream and the colours are just me! Blues and purples with the odd bit of green thrown in for good measure. Marianne creates magic at the dye pots!


Naturally, Flo thinks the colours are rather becoming too. Sigh! Something else that I'm going to have to share with her!


This year, I'm spinning along with Team Ambridge. We'll be spinning as we mull over the day's goings on in The Archers. I've spun about a sixth of the braid so far. I can't decide whether to leave it as a single, or ply it. Perhaps when I've spun a bit more, it'll tell me what it wants to be! xxx


Tour de Fleece 2016 day 1 (1)


Jenny said...

And I'm so happy the Tour (for real) has started and today my darling Cav is in the yellow jersey. Go Cav, go Team Ambridge.

VeggieMummy said...

Love the team name! The fibre is such a beautiful colour and looks so soft; no wonder Flo likes it. xx

Shiela Dixon said...

I'm spinning for TdF too, but 'fraid I don't share your love of Ambridge (especially since Rob).

But I am loving those singles. Looking forward to seeing the plied yarn.