Sunday, 25 June 2017

Another week...

Yet another week has passed by. It's been a toughie for me as I've been struggling with a chest infection but that hopefully is on its way out now. I've stocked up on vitamins to try and give my immune system a boost and the summer holiday will give me some relatively germ-free weeks to recover properly.

As last week, most of my knitting is secret so I can't share it with you. I did work on my pink and grey stripy socks yesterday evening. I went to a concert at Euston Hall in Suffolk with my friend Snoopydog to listen to Alfie Boe and Michael Ball. It was a lovely evening and I made great progress on those little stripes. I took a quick photo this afternoon for you. Flo was not impressed at being disturbed!

I've been sticking with my #OneHourOutside again so thought you might like to see a snapshot of my week...

June 19th - loving the mixed colours of the flowers on this shrub

June 20th - a dandelion clock ready to spread its seed around the garden

June 21st - summer solstice but the lawn has a distinctly autumnal feel to it

 June 22nd - candles lit and sat in the garden with Flo

June 23rd - I spotted this beautiful clematis flower growing in the garden

June 24th - a meadow at Blickling when I was volunteering at Parkrun

June 25th - looking across the lake towards Blickling Hall 

Florence has had an extremely hectic week as you can see from these photos! I reckon her most taxing decision each day is which comfy spot she's going to pick for a sleep! Oh to be a cat!

You have until Friday to enter my June giveaway - details here. I'll be back next week with news of an exciting knitting festival here in Norfolk. Have a good week. xxx


busybusybeejay said...

HOpe the chest infection clears up quickly.x

Spinthrift said...

I hope that you are feeling better soon Helen; coping with the end of term with a chest infection is no joke! Loving the pictures of Flo. have you got all of your reports done and dusted now? That is one of the (few) things that I do not miss now that I am not in the classroom!

Monica said...

Hope you get well soon. Th sock is oooking great!

Sammy said...

Get well soon, Helen - I hope you have time to rest up and enjoy lots of sock knitting. I am also looking forward to the long break of the summer holidays, it's just around the corner now!

Helsie said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. Great to hear you two old friends are getting out and about together, helping each other get on with your lives. Cheers

VeggieMummy said...

Lucky Flo to have such a gorgeous choice of comfy spots. Your socks are lovely and I hope you feel better soon. xx