Monday, 5 November 2018

Job done!

I did it! For the past week, I have remained loyal to my Midnight Companion blanket and Opal sock yarn cushion and I'm very pleased to announce that they are both finished! Woohoo, go me! High fives all round! There is something very satisfying about completing some old WIPs isn't there? There are always so many bright, new, shiny projects tempting me, but I've managed to ignore the call so far! My friend Julia helped me sew in the ends on the last couple of squares, although her dog did try his best to scupper our plans. Flo wasn't particularly helpful either, choosing to plonk herself on my lap almost as soon as she saw me getting underway with the ends on the blanket! You can read more about my Midnight Companion blanket and what it means to me over on the Stylecraft blog here

I love the cushion cover, it reminds me a little of a stained glass window with all the squares of colour glowing brightly. I joined the front and back using a round of double crochet and then added the Bobble-Shell edging from Attic24. I wanted the cover to be removable, so I crocheted  some chain loops down one edge between the bobbles and sewed some polka dot buttons on. Looking at them just makes me smile. I've made one pair of socks from the Advent calendar miniballs, but have decided that I will keep the rest and put them with last year's balls for an exciting Advent project! You'll have to wait until December 1st to see! 

Is there a collective noun for cushions do you think? A squish of cushions? A plump? What do you reckon? All I know is, there's no such thing as too many cushions! 

As setting myself a target last week seemed to work really well, I'm going to do the same again this week. I have some baby sock patterns that I need to write up and knit some samples for photographing, so pattern writing is the name of the game for the coming week. Have a good one. xxx


VeggieMummy said...

I don't know which one I like most; the cushion and the blanket are both gorgeous. A scatter of cushions maybe? xx

Retired Knitter said...

Wow, you have made some wonderful stuff. I am a new follower. I love seeing the knitting and crochet work of others because it sparks inspiration in myself - as a knitter and crocheter! Beautiful work.

Question: I typically follow blogs through the "email subscription" option. I didn't see it on your blog. Is that something you can add? I love the subscribe by email choice because when a new post is published it automatically gets fed to my gmail inbox and I never miss a post. I used to have a blog catcher that collected new posts from the blogs I follow but I would get behind - and miss things because I would forget to check in to the blog catcher.

Anyway, loved the colorful post. Hope to see more.

Christine65 said...

The blanket is gorgeous; I love the colours and the cushion cover is fun and colourful. I like the idea of a plump of cushions!

PixieFoxtrot said...

A comfort of cushions? And I do like a scatter of cushions, too!
I love your blanket, Helen, and also the cushion (the polka dot buttons are like the icing on the cake). It is lovely to think that the making of this blanket helped you get through so many difficult nights. And now you have the finished blanket to snuggle yourself in (with Flo, of course) whenever the need arises.

Helsie said...

Both are lovely, you are a talented lady !

Lynne said...

Woohoo!! Yey to finishing your blanket, and your cushion is gorgeous.