Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Advent Challenges

Goodness, in two weeks it will be Christmas Day! How did that happen? I'm not feeling terribly festive at the moment. I think it's partly because I'm unwell and also because I've missed the build up to it with all the Christmassy activities I usually do with the children at school. My house has no decorations up as they are all stored in the loft and it's too hard for me to access at the moment. But I am lighting tealights fragranced with cinnamon and spiced apple so that will have to do for now!

I have been working hard on a couple of Advent projects - one crochet and the other knitting. I'm making another Attic24 blanket. This one is the Hydrangea blanket and it's looking lovely. I'm trying to hook four colour stripes each day, which should leave me with two days to get the border done. I'm being a good girl and dealing with the ends as I go too!

The knitted project is a cardigan designed by Joji Locatelli, called Madewell. I'm using the mini balls from last year's Opal Advent calendar, as well as a few left over from the previous year. I'm trying to knit one ball a day and to pick out the next ball of yarn so it has at least one colour in common with the previous one, to try to get some sense of blending. I'll probably be left with all odd ones at the end and my plan will go totally to pot! I do really like how it's looking so far, it's very bright and cheery, which is just what's needed right now!

I still have some gift knitting and crochet to finish too, so I shall love you and leave you for now so  I can get on with it! Keep warm and make sure you have some yarny relaxation. xxx


busybusybeejay said...

Love the colours in the knitting.Is it a top down pattern that is easy to follow?
Hope you are feeling better soon.Barbarax

VeggieMummy said...

Your Madewell is looking fabulous; I love all the colours. Well done you on weaving in all the ends on your blanket. I'm making a cosy memory one with this year's advent yarn - I had to make myself go back and weave my ends in as they were beginning to get in the way! No decorations up yet here either. I'm thinking that this weekend will be soon enough! Hugs to Flo. xx

Jenny said...

The cardy looks lovely, I can't wait to see it done. Sorry you are missing the Christmas prep, you will receive cards to put up at least. I always intend knitting lots of little Christmas stockings as decs, obviously that never happens. I should start in January.

Elaine said...

Hi Helen, got your card today but I have lost your contact details.........email is my name, (one word, lower case) at me.com.
Elaine x

Lynne said...

Loving both your projects, the colours are beautiful.

mrsplumber said...

I am like you only 1small tree up as I fell in my kitchen on the 8th & broke all the bones in my ankle,surgery on the 20th. Looking forward to starting the sweet pea CAL along with you & Lucy
Julie Patterson Higgerson
Wishing you a Merry Christmas from the US