Friday, 13 March 2020

Fibre 4 Fibres Giveaway preview 16

Good morning to you! In case you're wondering whether you've missed a giveaway, let me put your mind at rest. This is really preview 15, but it's my 16th giveaway, so I decided to use the correct number to stop confusing myself! I didn't preview the very first giveaway that I held back in December last year. So now that we've got that straight, let me share with you this week's prize that you could win if you buy a virtual raffle ticket or two in this week's Fibre 4 Fibres giveaway in aid of Myositis UK.

This week's prize is for the crochet-lovers amongst you. Amanda from Little Box of Crochet has donated one of their February boxes, and it's packed full of gorgeous treats. I haven't opened the box myself because I want the winner to have the thrill of opening it for themselves, but you can see the contents from the photos that I've taken from their Instagram account. It really is a very special box and Amanda was very keen for me to have this particular box to give away for that very reason. As well as the Little Box of Crochet (which would cost you about £38 if you subscribed to the LBOC), there are plenty of other treats for you. There is a Team Crochet bag to keep your projects in, a sticker and a pen donated by Lana Bou Shop, a crochet cross stitch mini kit, some Ellie Beth crochet stickers, some Little Box of Crochet project tags and a little 'Crocheted by' stamp and ink pad so you can make your own gift labels. Thank you so much Amanda and Kate for your donations.

You have the chance to win all this for a minimum donation of £2! Less than the price of a cup of coffee. Are you tempted to enter? Here's what you need to know. This giveaway will run this coming Sunday 15th March, closing at 23:55. To enter, go to my Just Giving page here and buy your virtual raffle tickets by donating £2 or more. £2 gets you 2 tickets, £3 gets you 3 tickets, £5 gets you 5 tickets and so on. You will need to leave your Instagram or Ravelry name, or tick the box that shares your details with me so that I can contact you if you're the winner and also put 'Little Box' in the comments so I know which raffle you've entered. Your donations have helped me to raise £2483 for Myositis UK so far so huge thanks for your support! The next milestone is £2500 which is one quarter of the way to my target. xxx 

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