Sunday, 28 April 2013

A bad case of cast-on-itis!

Oh what a magpie I am! I see a lovely, brand new shiny knitting pattern and I want it NOW!! Monogamous knitting has gone right out of the window I'm afraid and it will most likely end in tears, when I get frustrated by my lack of finishing anything. Let me confess to you all my new projects.
Number 1 - a Squish Me slouchy hat. I don't have a purple hat, and thought it was about time I did!
Squish Me WIP (1)

Number 2 - a pair of Plain Jhayne mitts. This qiviuk yarn has been calling to me ever since I received it last December; a birthday gift from a dear friend. I suffer from cold hands, so this light as a feather pair of mitts should help to keep me warm. Mine aren't quite as plain as the name sounds though, as I'm adding beads.
Not so Plain Jhaynes WIP (4)

Number 3 - a pair of Gridiron socks. This yarn was a part of a swap gift last year, I love the deep, jewel-like tones.
Gridiron socks WIP

Number 4 - Tidal Sands cowl. I find cowls really wearable. Lots of cosiness around the neck without the bulk and loose ends of a scarf. Flo likes the yarn, it's Breakfast Blend fingering in the Burnt Toast colourway. Very snuggly!

Tidal Sands WIP with Flo (1)
Number 5 - a neat ripple crochet blanket for the cat sanctuary. I had the urge to get hooking again!

Cat ripple no 1 WIP

Not to mention my other current projects - two, yes two cardigans and a blanket (plus the three projects currently in hibernation!!) I won't get bored or run out of things to knit, that's for sure!! See you soon for a progress report! xxx

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Hello world!

sunny Flo (6)

Hello everyone, Florence here! I have such a lot to tell you. It's all been happening here over the past few days. During my Mum's Easter holidays, she let me go out in the garden every day. I love it out there. On Friday, I got my own little door to go in and out (and shake it all about!) whenever I want! It's such a clever door too, it recognises my microchip so only I can use it. Hopefully that means I won't have to wear this pesky collar much longer.
Spring garden (6)

There are so many interesting things in the garden. I like chasing butterflies and bees, although my Mum has told me that's not a very clever thing to do! I also like chatting to the birds. I was saying hello to them when this photo was taken. They didn't reply to me, how rude!!

sunny Flo (11)

I have discovered that the paving stones get lovely and warm in the sun and are the perfect place to have a little rest.
sunny Flo (10)

I think the grass brings out the beautiful green colour of my eyes, don't you?!

Flo gets her freedom (6)

I quite like climbing trees too. I need to take a run up at the moment!!

I've found a few cosy places to have a snooze, under the shrubs and bushes. It's going to be the perfect place to get a bit of shut eye in the summer!

sunny Flo (1)

I love it when my Mum and Dad come outside too. They played Scrabble this afternoon. I told them to put 'miaow' on a triple word score - that'd make a lot of points, wouldn't it?! Bye for now, miaow maiow miaow! xxx
Hello world 004

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Bring me sunshine!

Oh, it has been so nice to see the sun shining today! Despite the rather strong winds (which put pay to our planned bbq), Mr JK and I sat outside, enjoying the sun. There are definite signs that spring is on its way at long last. Having spent sometime each day out in the garden for the past couple of weeks, on 'Flo-watch', it has been so good to see plants starting to sprout and shoot.

spring 2013 007
pussywillow (1)
spring 2013 008

spring 2013 003
spring 2013 004

More spring 2013 001

More spring 2013 003

1st ladybird of spring (1)
I have lots of knitting on the needles currently, but nothing is especially photo-worthy yet. I have also started spinning my next braid of fibre. This one is called 'Sliced Sunshine', and I thought it perfect for the current weather. As ever, it's from Picperfic's Fluff-n-Stuff, and it's a mix of BFL and mohair, meaning it ought to be great for socks!! Now, if only I could do something to improve my yardage! Have a good week! xxx


Fluff-n-stuff Fuzzy Sliced sunshine (2)

Fluff-n-stuff Fuzzy Sliced sunshine (1)

Friday, 12 April 2013

Feeling Jaded?

After the long, cold winter we've had, it wouldn't be surprising, would it, to feel just a teensy bit fed up?! That's why Marianne, over at Fluff-n-Stuff created this beautiful colourway in deep tealy blues, to ward off that feeling. I have been a member of Marianne's fibre club for just over a year now, and I always look forward to opening up a pink squishy parcel to see what delights she has created. This little beauty was what I received this month. It's Seduce, a mix of BFL, alpaca and silk (60/20/20). Marianne currently has a really generous giveaway on her blog. You could win some gorgeous fibre or a wonderful knitting bag, so why not call in.

Fluff 'n' Stuff April fibre - Feeling Jaded 001

I couldn't wait to start spinning it, I knew I wanted to spin something thicker than 4ply. I split the fibre into three lengths, spun each one separately and then plied the three together. It was my first spinning since last September, when things got packed away in anticipation of moving, so I was a little rusty to begin with.
Feeling Jaded fluff 003

Feeling Jaded handspun (3)

Feeling Jaded handspun (7)

I skeined it up and gave it a good soak before leaving it to dry. It fluffed up lots after its bath, and I ended up with around 150m of worsted weight yarn.

  Feeling Jaded handspun (15)

Feeling Jaded handspun (16)

I had the perfect pattern in mind - the Fall Line cowl from Knitspot. I wanted something cushy and cosy to wear in the garden to keep out the chilly spring winds. (And we are certainly getting our fair share of those!)  I was impatient to start knitting, and sat outside, on 'Florence-watch', delighting in knitting my handspun.

Feeling Jaded handspun  WIP(9)

It is a super-quick knit, and was done by the evening. Another soak and I left it to dry flat, turning it frequently for a couple of days. It's gorgeous and will most likely get its first outing at the weekend.
Feeling Jaded cowl (1)

Monday, 8 April 2013


spring daffodils

Spring in a vase - cheery daffodils in the kitchen.

Wells-next-the-Sea 06.04.13 012

Wells-next-the-Sea 06.04.13 009

A walk on the beach enjoying the spring sunshine.

soda bread

Baking sodabread.

Feeling Jaded fluff 003

Getting back to spinning.

64 Crayons WIP (2)

64 Crayons WIP (4)
64 Crayons WIP (1)

Knitting some more of my 64 Crayons blanket.

twirling stars (2)

Hanging my glass stars from the branches of a tree in the garden.

Watching Florence explore the big world beyond the windows!

snowy suffolk 003

Eating millionaire shortbread! mmmmmmmmmmm

Hope you are finding some time to relax too. xxx

Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter chilling!

Easter daffodils (1)

Hello there! We are making the most of the long weekend, relaxing in our new house. We did go out on Saturday, down to one of our favourite haunts in Suffolk. On the way we stopped off at Woodbridge to take a look round the market. Unfortunately, it decided to snow while we were walking! I did feel sorry for the stallholders, desperately trying to cover up all the goodies on their stalls. We bought some smoked garlic, it smells deliciously strong in the kitchen.
snowy suffolk 005

snowy suffolk 007
After that, we went on to Aldeburgh, to have our first 'al fresco' fish and chips lunch of the year. Not many people had the same idea, because we didn't have to queue for once! We took our bags of piping hot fish and chips down to the beach and sat on the wall. Mmmmmmmm, they did taste good, and the sun shone on us while we were munching! It's hard to believe that these photos were only taken around an hour after the previous ones, isn't it? Welcome to British Summertime!
snowy suffolk 009

snowy suffolk 010

Florence took her first tentative steps outside this weekend too. She was curious, but also nervous. Everytime she heard a loud noise, she retreated to the security of the house. I shall give her a little outside time each day during the holidays to try and get her familiar with her surroundings.

first steps (4)

first steps (5)

I received a wonderful squishy parcel from my friend Cathy in Canada. We have been swapping yarny parcels for several years now, and I know that I am going to be in for a treat each time I open the package. Cathy sent me some beautiful fibre in stunning shades of blue and green, along with two different sock yarns. As well as that, there was a handy knitting project bag, some silver stitch markers and an extremely cute purple sheep brooch! One of the yarns is produced by Debbie Macomber. She writes knitting fiction, I had no idea she also had her own range of yarns. This one has some angora in it and is so, so soft. It is destined to become socks for me!! Here, have a look for yourself.
swap with Cathy (2)

strange grazing sheep (4)

I have promised myself some long overdue spinning days this holiday, I'm sure I shall be a bit rusty!

I have finished test knitting some mitts for my friend Marianne. They were good fun to knit and I'm sure you'll like them too. Once Marianne has released the pattern, I'll show you how mine turned out. I am finishing up one last WIP before getting on with the job of sewing together my mink and cashmere cardigan. Finishing off is not one of my favourite things, so I have been putting it off. However needs must, because I have recently had to throw away two of my cardigans because of holes! Hopefully I will have a finished cardigan to show you next time!
Yesterday, we decided to make a loaf of bread from scratch. We usually just bung everything into the breadmaker and let the machine do all the hard work. But we are enjoying watching Paul Hollywood on the BBC showing how to bake all different types of bread. We started off with the basic bloomer, and several hours later, were rewarded with the most delicious loaf. I could quite easily have scoffed half of it there and then. Mmmmmmmmm. See you very soon! xxx