Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Bimbling through August

Bimbling pretty much describes my days currently; I don't have much planned from day to day as it's quite hard to know how I'm going to be feeling. So I'm not putting any pressure on myself to do anything in particular, although I try to stick to some daily routines. It's the last week of the school holidays and usually I'd be finishing off preparations and planning, and making sure that my classroom was ready for the new school year. But it's not to be at the moment, and I've been off work for such a long time now that I find it hard to remember what day it is! I do try to make sure that I have some kind of crafty activity going on each day - knitting, sewing or crochet, and I've just bought an adult colouring book as a kind of wind down to bedtime. I have got a couple of Top Secret Projects which I am feeling very excited, not to say totally giddy about. But as they are Top Secret, I can't say a word about them for now. So let me take you through some of my daily bimbles over the past couple of weeks.

*** An unexpected gift of some fabric from a friend ***

*** Enjoying the huge number of butterflies in the garden ***

*** Making tiffin! *** (recipe here)

*** Spotting a new species of plant in the garden - Florencia purripuss ***

*** A bunch of flowers brightening up my kitchen ***

*** Florence deciding to go into her furry igloo on one of the hottest days of the summer! ***

*** Finally getting all the ends sewn in on my Madewell cardigan ***

*** Loving the pollen-covered bee paying my flowers a visit ***

*** Flo enjoying a snooze ***

Before I go, I must just share a Crowdfunder page with you. I've been a follower of Lisa at For the Love of Yarn for some time now on Instagram. She's recently had to find a new studio as her old one was in a building that was condemned for being electrically unsafe. She's launched a Crowdfunding page to help to raise money to turn her new studio into a more workable space and to provide somewhere for yarn lovers to go and just chill out. Go and take a look and support her if you can. The yarny community is so supportive, I know that so well after my Great Yarn Giveaway last year. It's nice to be able to help someone out with a project that is going to benefit lots of people. xxx

Thursday, 15 August 2019

Granny Square Day 2019

Happy Granny Square Day to you! I chose to make my square using the 4 new shades of Stylecraft Yarns Bellissima DK yarn. I really love working with this yarn and have just finished a Big. Secret. Project using it which I will be able to share with you later in the year. The yarn is 100% acrylic and is spun in a way that makes a very rounded yarn, with great stitch definition and softness. These are the new shades - I find it hard to pick a favourite! How about you?

The Bellissima DK yarn range is interchangeable with the Bambino DK yarns and the two go really well together. There are quite a few colours in the range now and I hope that even more will be added. I'd like to see another purple and green for starters!

Granny Square Day is being organised by Simply Crochet magazine and it's best to head over to Instagram and search the hashtag #grannysquareday2019 to see virtual Granny Square blankets created before your very eyes. Have you made your Granny Square yet? It's not too late! xxx

Sunday, 11 August 2019

Get ready for Granny Square Day!

Copyright Simply Crochet

Popping in to remind all you lovely peeps out there that Granny Square Day is coming up this week. On August 15th to be precise. It's being organised by the team over at Simply Crochet where you can read up about what's involved and how to be part of a huge virtual Granny Square blanket. Head over there in a minute to find out all the details. I'll be back on Thursday with my Granny Square which just happens to showcase some rather lovely new yarn from Stylecraft! Can't wait to spill the beans! xxx