Wednesday, 25 January 2023

All about the stripes

Three pairs of stripy socks have recently come off my needles. I had treated myself to two different skeins of self-striping yarn that had been dyed especially for Advent, the aim being to knit a stripe each day and end up with a finished pair of socks by Christmas Day. I started off with all the right intentions and knit the first few days' stripes. But then I got sidetracked by some gift knitting and put the socks aside. I finished the sock tubes between Christmas and New Year and just needed to add the after-thought heels. So finally they are done and are making my feet very happy indeed! The top pair have been knit using The Yarn Badger's Advent skein, 'Santa's Rainbow', while the second pair have been knit using Spin & Blether's Advent skein, 'Jolly Holibobs!' 

This third pair were knitted following a request from one of my rheumatology nurses who asked if I would knit a pair of stripy socks for her dad. He is in his eighties and loves colourful stripy socks so I hope that these brightened his day! The yarn is a Regia yarn from deep stash. There is something so addictive about knitting with striped yarn - I always want to knit just one more stripe! I need to go stash diving to find some more colourful stripes for my next pair. Do you like self-striping yarn? xxx


Sunday, 22 January 2023

Needle Felting with Flo

Meow! Meow! It's Flo here, I've taken it upon meownself to blog about the needle felting day that Mum did recently. I do consider myself something of an expert in felting; I have lovely, needle-sharp claws and have put them to good use on the stair carpet! (Oops! The less said about that, the better!) Anyhow, since Mum hasn't got round to telling you all about it, I am going to.

The day was set up as a birthday present for one of Mum's friends, so she invited another friend along too, so they could both learn the basics of needle felting. I immediately tested the squishiness of the foam pad and can inform you that it does make a very comfortable snoozing spot. Although it could have been a little bigger so that I didn't need to worry about falling off the edges! 

I put myself in charge of all the fibre, and made sure that I kept everyone on their toes by giving the odd little playful swipe with my paws when they were choosing colours! It was such a cosy place to be and the fibre was lovely and soft!

I was disappointed that no one decided to make a needle felted version of meownself, especially as I was right there in the thick of all the action - the perfect model! But under my Mum's supervision, they did make a very lovely toadstool and seal. 

Great fun was had by all and there is talk of another crafty day. I will be sure to be there in a supervisory capacity! Meow, meow, meow! xxx


Wednesday, 4 January 2023

Hello 2023!

Hello and Happy New Year to you! I hope that you had a good Christmas if you celebrate it, and thank you so much for popping by. I have great hopes for 2023, both for my health and well-being and also for my crafting. I haven't done much designing at all over the last year but really hope that I can change that this year. I thought that I'd share some of my achievements over the past twelve months.

*** Starting IVIg ***
I started receiving infusions of immunoglobulin in February in an attempt to try to halt the progress of my myositis. Initially the funding was for just six months, but was extended for a further six months. I found out just before Christmas that it was going to be funded for a further twelve months which was the best Christmas present ever. I am incredibly lucky to have a great team of doctors fighting my corner for me, as IVIg is very expensive (it's known as liquid gold!) and I have a week of infusions at my local hospital every four weeks. It has definitely slowed down the progression and I am noticing some improvements in my strength, especially in my hands. Long may it continue!

*** Fundraising for Myositis UK ***

My fundraising for Myositis UK came to an end and I am thrilled to have raised £30, 540! That money is ring-fenced so that it has to be used for research. Once it gets allocated to a particular research project I will let you know.

*** Awards ***

I was nominated for two awards in the fundraising/charity categories. I was one of the winners in the CraftWorld awards and one of the finalists in the British Knitting and Crochet Awards. I'm very proud and couldn't have done it without your help! Thank you.

*** Knitting ***

I've knitted between forty and fifty pairs of socks this year, mostly as gifts, as well as three pairs of mitts and a cowl (also gifts.) I knitted three jumpers and a shawl too.

*** Toy making ***

I crocheted a teddy and a robin and knitted two teddies for Ukrainian refugees. I'd like to try and crochet some more toys this year. They make such lovely gifts.

*** Designing ***

I designed my first Granny Square for Granny Square Day last summer ( I still need to write up the pattern!) I also designed a pair of cushions - one knitted and the other crocheted - for the Stylecraft Blogstars Garden Party.

*** Spinning ***

I dusted off my spinning wheel and started to spin again. I had forgotten just how much I enjoy spinning and hope to continue throughout 2023.

What plans do I have for 2023? I would like to be a little bit more selfish with my knitting this year and make more things for myself! Having said that, all three projects currently on my needles and hook are gifts! I would like to do some more designing this year and have a few ideas bubbling away in my head. I want to continue with my spinning and finish up some projects that have been WIPs for far too long! I also want to knit and crochet from stash as much as possible. I have a group of knitty friends on Instagram and we have decided that 2023 will be the year of using up the yarn stash! I will let you know how I get on with that as I am very easily seduced by beautiful yarn! Do you have any crafting goals for 2023? xxx