Sunday, 20 March 2022

Happy Saturday snippets

*** A vase of daffodils bringing sunshine into my kitchen ***

*** Flo sunbathing on the garden table ***

*** Blue sky ***

*** Quince blossom ***

*** Happy sock stripes ***

*** Enjoying a cuppa in my new mug ***

*** Hooking another row on my Harbour blanket ***

*** Hellebores in sunshine ***

I hope that your weekend has had some happy times too! xxx

Monday, 14 March 2022

Sock news

I've been busy knitting socks for the rheumatology nurses and was able to take this little lot in last Monday as I was hooked up to an iv all week for round two of my immunoglobulin infusions. I managed to knit 6 pairs as well as a pair of mitts for the ward sister who gets really cold hands. They were very well received so I'm going to knit more as not everyone got a pair this time. The little gift tags are a free download from Winwick Mum's blog and you can find them here if you're interested. They add a nice touch and are handy to note down any washing instructions. 

I managed to do some knitting while I was getting the infusions. It depended on whether the cannula was in a knit-friendly position or not. Luckily I had a good book on my kindle so I didn't get bored. I had medication to try to reduce the side effects this time before each day's infusion and it was run at a much slower rate which also helped. I drank lots of water to keep myself hydrated at it seemed to work as I haven't had anywhere near the side effects I experienced last time. I made some progress on a pair of scrappy socks. I'm using up leftovers of yarn and they are going to be very colourful!

I sorted lots of leftovers and some minis that I'd received as part of a swap on Instagram a couple of years ago and more or less did a lucky dip for the next colour. Flo has wanted to help with the yarn choice this weekend too!

I'm taking part in a scrappy socks KAL which is running on Instagram throughout March and April so I may manage to churn out another pair in between knitting socks for the nurses. I have so many scraps, it feels good to be using some of them up. What do you do with your leftover yarn? xxx