Saturday, 11 August 2018

Virtual Fibre-East 2018

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you'll know that I've volunteered at Fibre-East for several years now. It's the most local-to-me fibre event and I love it. It promotes everything that is great about British fibre and has things to interest every kind of fibre enthusiast. So I was very disappointed not to be going again this year due to my current health issues. I had allowed myself a small yarn budget too; yes, I know that my stash needs no enhancing at all, but it's nice to have a yarny souvenir or two to remember the weekend, isn't it?! So I was delighted when Allison, one of the key people running FE, offered to do a little shopping for me. Allison is famous amongst the FE team for her superb stealth shopping skills. No one ever sees her actually buying anything, yet each year she comes away with a bag or three bulging with yarn and fibre. So I knew that I was in the hands of a true professional. WhatsApp messages and photos went back and forth all weekend and these are the beauties that came home to live with me...

The glorious purple skein was picked out for me by Sarah, aka Babylonglegs. The sparkly rainbow yarn cake is from Dragon Hill Studio. The fibre is from John Arbon (who else?!) and the rainbow of mini skeins are from RiverKnits. I find it amazing that Becci's studio is on a narrowboat. I love them all and it was the perfect pick-me-up parcel to receive. Thank you so much Allison.

As part of my role being a Stylecraft Blogstar, I've written a post for the Stylecraft blog this month on how crafting has helped me deal with grief. Throughout the whole of 2018, Stylecraft are promoting Wellbeing through crafts. Do go and take a look through some of the blogposts about different aspects of fibre crafts and how they can help us to feel better. I know how much knitting and crochet help me to relax and unwind. I've just cast on a sock in my new sparkly rainbow yarn to see me through the numerous hospital visits I have ahead of me. A bit of waiting room knitting has got to be good for me! xxx

Sunday, 5 August 2018

In print

A while back, I was contacted by Let's Knit magazine to see if I would write a few words on knitting socks using a circular needle. They have started doing a page on common knitting problems and this month it was all about socks. I can still remember how scared I was knitting my first pair, and how the pattern seemed to make no sense at all! Now, more than 100 pairs later, I can pretty much knit them with my eyes shut! I was really proud to have been asked to contribute, even more so when I saw that another of the contributors was the amazing sock knitter Winwick Mum! 

I also wrote this month's Crochet 101 column in Crochet Now magazine - all about dealing with those pesky ends! I know only too well how easily ends can become 'an issue'! 

Thank you so much to everyone who has left a comment wishing me well with my health. I ended up in the acute medical unit at our local hospital for a day this week, so have managed to queue jump quite nicely as my appointment wasn't until mid-September. Really pleased that investigations have started so hopefully I will soon know what's going on and the best way to recover. In the meantime, I'm resting and spending my days knitting and crocheting. Can't be bad! xxx