Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Time Lapse

With blatant copying of a fabulous idea from the Yarn Harlot, here's my weekend in sock photos. We had to go to Portsmouth and there's nothing like a knitting deadline and plenty of car travelling to get the needles smoking!

Saturday 07:42 Norwich.

Time lapse sock (1)

09:57 Crossing the River Thames on the QE2 Bridge, Dartford.

Time lapse sock (40)

11:03 Pit stop on the M25.

Time lapse sock (34)

15:39 In Portsmouth Dockyard, gazing at Nelson's flagship, HMS Victory. 

Time lapse sock (30)

21:08 Back in the hotel room, chilling out.

Time lapse sock (28)

Sunday 07:54 In Old Portsmouth, looking towards the entrance to Portsmouth Harbour.

Time lapse sock (25)

09:10 A yarn-bombed bench that Mr JK passed during his 10K morning run.

Time lapse sock (22)

19:37 Catching up with this week's happenings in Ambridge back in our room.

Time lapse sock (18)

Monday 09:43 The Isle of Wight car ferry coming into Portsmouth Harbour.

Time lapse sock (15)

12:43 Lunchtime - sticky toffee pudding!

Time lapse sock (11)

16:33 Driving in the tunnel through the Devil's Punchbowl at Hindhead.

Time lapse sock (7)

21:29 Back home, with a happy Flo! xxx

Time lapse sock (2)

Friday, 26 September 2014

Proud 'mummy'!

You might remember that a few months back I wrote a blog post as an entry in a blogging competition run by Deramores. Of course I didn't get anywhere in the competition, but I did have a lot of fun making loads of crocheted tape measures and writing out a tutorial. I was delighted when a few weeks ago, I was approached by someone in the USA asking for permission to use my pattern in a workshop to be held during their annual yarnshop retreat!! Of course I said 'yes! and Pat very kindly emailed me a photo of all the completed projects. I do feel like a proud 'mummy' seeing my pattern come to life! Perhaps I will write it up properly and publish it on Ravelry! What do you reckon? In the meantime, if you fancy having a go yourself, you can find the tutorial here! Do let me know if you give it a whirl! xxx

Thursday, 18 September 2014


I do think that Flo looks a little bit guilty in this photo, don't you? Mr JK caught her - red-pawed, so to speak - when he came in from work the other day! She has plenty of places to sleep, but decided, in true contrary cat fashion, to plonk herself just where she shouldn't be!! On the 64 Crayons blankie!

caught! (2)

Mr JK has come up with a cunning plan - since Flo studiously avoids sleeping on the sheepskin that we brought back from Skye especially for her, guess what's now taking pride of place in the middle of the blankie?!! I fully expect to find her curled up at one end or the other looking most disgruntled! xxx

caught! (1)

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Keep on running.....

.......and that's exactly what Mr JK did today, taking part in the East Anglian Air Ambulance 10K Runway Run. Everyone was running to raise funds for the Air Ambulance. It's hard to believe that such an essential service depends solely on donations. It caused quite a stir when the Air Ambulance landed before the race. I had hoped that Prince William might be piloting the helicopter, but I don't think he has started his training yet!

EAAA Runway Run Sept 2014 (9)

Mr JK ran a personal best so he was pleased. I cheered him on from various points around the course. And while he was running, I also did my bit to support the air ambulance - I bought (and ate!) a rather yummy cupcake from one of the fund raising stalls!!

doing my bit for the East Anglian Air Ambulance (1)

Mr JK is in training for the Norwich Half Marathon in November, so the 10K is a mere warm up for him!!

going for gold!

I have been knitting a fair bit this week, but still all on secret projects, so Mum's the word for now. But I can share with you a rather lovely knitting needle case that I received this week. Although I knit on interchangeable needles for many of many of my projects, I still like to use my 'traditional' long needles. They were in a bit of a mess, stored in several places, so I asked Michele over at ThreeBagsFull if she would be able to make me a case for long needles. I spent a fun hour yesterday afternoon digging out all my needles and arranging them in their new home! It's so nice to have them all in one place! xxx

knitting needle case (1)

knitting needle case (4)

knitting needle case (6)

knitting needle case (5)

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Hunt the cat........

Have you spotted her?!

not very helpful flo (1)

No?!  Is she on her fleece? Nope. Curled up on the sofa? Nope! Look harder!!

not very helpful flo (2)

Ah, there you are Flo!! Why on earth didn't I think of looking there first?! Where else would you possibly choose to go to sleep than the jigsaw mat! Duh!! Silly me! xxx

Monday, 1 September 2014

Just chilling......

.......yes, that's exactly what Mr JK and I have spent the last week doing. It has been total a total chill out in Ireland. We stayed  in Kenmare, County Kerry again. The south west coast of Ireland is particularly lovely and we were keen to revisit some of our favourite places. Despite the somewhat unseasonal weather, we went out and about every day. We spent one day in the Killarney National Park, stopping en route to enjoy the vista at Ladies View, so called because of the pleasure the sights gave to Queen Victoria's ladies in waiting.

Ireland 2014 (254)

As well as going on a tour of Muckross House, we also went on the farm trail, looking at what it was like to live and work on a farm in the 1930's. A simple, but hard life is the conclusion we came to.

Ireland 2014 (236)

Ireland 2014 (231)

Ireland 2014 (230)

Ireland 2014 (228)

One afternoon we went on a Seafari down the bay at Kenmare, in search of seals and sea eagles. The eagles were not playing ball that afternoon, and the seals were also quite shy - apparently a motor boat had been racing down the bay earlier and scared them off the rocks. It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon however, and I think you will agree that the views were amazing! (You will have to indulge me with my photos - my new camera has a 'panorama' setting, and I had fun playing around with it!)

Ireland 2014 (184)

Ireland 2014 (186)
Ireland 2014 (205)

Ireland 2014 (191)

Ireland 2014 (190)

Our favourite day was spent firstly on Garinish Island; this was our third visit to the island and it definitely won't be our last! The gardens there are just beautiful, and even though you cross from the mainland with other visitors, the chances are that as you are walking around, you won't bump into anyone else at all! It really is one of the most peaceful places to go to. The Italian garden is stunning.

Ireland 2014 (163)

Plenty to feast your eyes on around every twist and turn of the path. The walled garden is currently being renovated, it will be interesting to see it again in a couple of years.

Garinish Island

We saw seals again as we were crossing over to the island - these were braver and didn't bother to go into the water as we approached. They must be used to the little boats going back and forth each day.

Ireland 2014 R (46)

Afterwards, we drove around the Mizen Head peninsula, stopping off at Crookhaven for a lunch and a walk on the beach .......

Ireland 2014 (77)

We then went to Barley Cove, a truly stunning beach that you reach via a floating walkway. 

Ireland 2014 R (119)

It was pretty windy, and despite the lifeguard's red flag, someone was crazy enough to be trying to swim. These photos show the beach from different views......

Ireland 2014 (70)

Ireland 2014 (62)

We drove on to the Mizen Head lighthouse. Last time we came, it was closed because the bridge was being rebuilt. It was pretty rickety, so we were very pleased to see something far more substantial, especially given how windy it was while we were there. Seeing the waves pounding against the rocks, you get some idea just how powerful the sea is and how treacherous it can be. The number of ships that have been wrecked in this area bears testament to that.

Ireland 2014 (43)

Ireland 2014 (34)

Ireland 2014 (46)

Ireland 2014 (40)

Ireland 2014 (32)

On our last day, we drove part of the way around the Ring of Kerry, as far as Derrynane House, the ancestral home of one of Ireland's heroes, Daniel O'Connell. He apparently loved to come down here to escape the bustle of both London and Dublin. No mean feat when you consider what the roads must have been like back then. But the tranquillity of his surroundings must surely have been so soothing. We walked down to Derrynane beach, and although the weather was rather dull, it was still wonderful.

Ireland 2014 (9)

Ireland 2014 (12)

Ireland 2014 R (158)

Ireland 2014 (16)

There was plenty of knitting, which I will share with you in another post.

Ireland 2014 R (18)

There was also a LOT of cake munching!! I could indeed make a whole cake mosaic for you, but since I don't want to show what little piggies Mr JK and I were, I will just share my favourite cake of the week!! A slice of coffee cake, enjoyed with a cup of tea at the Mizen Head. And now I shall love and leave you. I need to get my head around the fact that it's school tomorrow! Where did the holidays go?! See you soon. xxx

Ireland 2014 (30)