Sunday, 5 October 2008

Innocent Hats

Having been inspired by both Kate and Susan to knit some little hats for Innocent Smoothie bottles, I set to this weekend, managing to make 12. Each hat goes on a smoothie bottle, raising 50p for Age Concern for each bottle sold. What a great cause. As I didn't have too much double knitting yarn at home, I raided the wool stashed away in my classroom (I have 4 large boxes !), and brought home with me an assortment of bright acrylic yarn. I didn't attempt anything too ambitious - a few striped hats, some with pompoms (bought a great little pompom maker to do those with) and some with i-cords. Next I needed some volunteers to model the Josiekitten 2008 Innocent collection.

Meet, from left to right, Betty, Bernard and Belinda!

They needed a little gentle persuasion to remove their scarves, the weather being somewhat inclement on the North Norfolk coast. But when I pointed out that there might be some colour clashing if not, they soon obliged!

The first hats modelled were the multi-coloured acrylic yarns (spot any similarities with the scarves?!)
Next came the stripy pompom range. Belinda really wanted to wear Betty's pink and purple striped hat, but Betty beat her to it.

Following that, the stripy i-cord collection. Bernard baggsed the Dennis the Menace one.

And finally, the cotton/angora hats. The cotton ones were a little larger, so were destined for Bernard and Belinda. Betty had the luxury of a Louisa Harding Kimono hat, and she did rather show off about it in front of the others.

We had great fun, well all except for Billy, who refused to take his Santa hat off! He watched the proceedings from the sidelines. Maybe he will be more cooperative next year!


Kate said...

I love your models. :-) Hope they don't become too star-struck having their photos plastered all over the internet. ;-)

blog-blethers said...

What well dressed bears:o)

snoopydog said...

Bernard really doesn't look too happy! Not a limelight loving bear I guess.

Susan @ Damn, Knit & Blast It said...

Licker and Dangle-paw are jealous of the quality of hats your bears had to model!

I think we need a forum for smoothie hat models....