Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy Knitterly New Year!

New Year's Eve is upon us. I can't believe where this last year has gone. I've been spending time on Ravelry looking at my completed projects and also my stash, and have made a few New Year Resolutions. I've already told you about my 2009 Sock Challenge, so I hope to be able to show you a huge variety of socks this time next year. I've decided that I simply must go on a stashbust, so have joined Stashalong 2009 on Angel Yarns. I'm also planning to start knitting a Lizard Ridge blanket, using up my Silk Garden stash. I'd like to knit myself something more substantial than just socks and scarves too, so am on the lookout for a pattern to go with some Debbie Bliss Rialto in a gorgeous shade of aubergine. I'm actually looking forward to using up some of my stash. I don't know what it is about sock yarn. Maybe it's because you can buy a skein or two relatively cheaply, and have something utterly scrumptious to squish and admire. I'm going to try to keep a record of how much yarn I knit during the year, so have tracked down a gadget that should make things simple. Maybe I'll put £1 in a pot for each 100 metres I knit, for future woolly splurges?! Or does that defeat the whole idea of a stashbust, I wonder?! And how long will it be before I'm tempted to buy something?! I will confess all on here, I promise! In the mean time, have a very Happy and Healthy 2009, and Happy Knitting too!
Oh, I almost forgot, I finished my flappy ear hat yesterday. Knitted from stash (feels smug!), it's in Colinette Iona, and is lovely. My ears will be toasty warm on playground duty. No shots of me wearing it yet, as no one has been around to oblige. But here it is anyway .....

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snoopydogknits said...

Sorry about that! Had lots of missed keys in the post and I couldn't edit!

Happy New Year to you! Think I might be joining you in the sock stash-bust idea. Good one! The idea of £1 in the money box for each skein or ball used appeals too. Feels like you're not really spending money on new yarn then. LOL!!!