Saturday, 7 March 2009

Latest Sock News

I finished my February Sock Challenge pair last weekend, but have only just got round to posting some photos, as I needed Mr Josiekitten to oblige. I used Colinette Jitterbug in the shade Summer Berries, and the Yarn over Cable pattern from Charlene Schurch's 'Sensational Knitted Socks'. This is a great book, and one that I shall be delving into quite regularly I think. I decided to knit toe-up socks, as reports on Ravelry hinted that the yardage was on the short side. And how true that was, if you have big feet like me! I only just managed to complete the 2nd sock, with about 5cm of yarn to spare. I did 2 less rows of ribbing on the 2nd sock too. Even though I wound the skein into two balls before starting, I guess my digital kitchen scales aren't quite sensitive enough for such small amounts of yarn. However, I'm pretty pleased with them. I've learnt a new technique, having never knitted from the toe up or done short rows before. They seemed to grow more quickly than my usual sock too! If I made the pattern again, I would probably knit the foot slightly shorter, as they are a smidgeon too long. I wasn't quite sure when to start the heel shaping. But they are definitely wearable!

February Yarn over Cable montage

I currently have two other pairs of socks on the needles - I'll post some photos and tell you more about them next time!


Jominx said...

Oh they are gorgeous, well done on using a Toe up method, I really want to try but haven't got around to it yet :S

snoopydogknits said...

Love the yarn and the patterning! Colours are gorgeous!