Monday, 3 August 2009

A severe case of S.A.S!

I'm suffering this week - in fact, for the last couple of weeks - from a very bad bout of Sock Avoidance Syndrome! (S.A.S.) I have failed to complete my July Sock Challenge socks! Each pattern I've tried knitting with the beautiful Lorna's Laces yarn just hasn't looked right. And then, when I thought I'd found the perfect pattern - Fantastic Ribbed Socks - they have knitted up too big (and pooled terribly on the foot!) So I am ignoring them for the moment, and have been busy getting on with other projects.
I finished my Lizzy cardigan and am fairly pleased with it. I love the ruffles on the cuffs and front edges, but don't like the way the bottom rolls up. I also wish that I was better at sewing things up. I've decided that I don't much like knitting garments, because I'm never satisfied with the finishing off. I much prefer the instant gratification of a sock or scarf! Anyway, here is my 2nd time lucky Lizzy cardigan.....

Lizzy 007

You can see what I mean about the bottom edges curling up. I'm tempted to add a ruffle around the bottom, but am worried that it might be a frilly overdose! I think that I will wear it a bit and see how it goes. It is definitely going to get more wear this time round anyway.

I've just made a couple of felted piggies for the pub that we go knitting in each week. The pub is called The Pigs, and it is crammed full of pig memorabilia. Sounds a bit tacky, but it isn't, at all. The porky pair can sit alongside our sign 'Pigs in Knits'! I used an odd ball of Noro Kureyon left over from my Booga bag, and just managed to squeeze 2 pigs out of it. The pattern was a freebie from here. The pigs were stuffed and then felted, and even though they have been in the washing machine three times now, they aren't felted as much as I'd hoped. But they still look very cute, so I'm leaving them as they are. Oink Oink!

ickle piggies

I made a pair of Fetchings on Saturday, whilst watching a fabulous BBC Proms concert on TV. It was celebrating 75 years of Classic MGM Film Musicals, and it was absolutely fantastic. It's been several years since I went to the Proms (with my good friend snoopydog), but at the end of the evening, Mr Josiekitten and I decided that we may well try to go next year. I used one ball of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, and just managed to get a pair out of it! They are for a friend, Brigitte, who is a farmer in Brittany, France. I thought they might keep her hands warm next winter. I have another ball in the same colourway, so may try to make a neck warmer to match.


I love the picot cast off edging. The yarn really does feel very luxurious and velvety. I want a pair for myself now! (just a bit bigger!)

I dug out of hibernation my KittyCat, started way back in April. (Can you see how serious my S.A.S. is?!) I was making it for baby Ida, but found it very fiddly, and was worried that my sewing skills weren't up to the grasp of a baby! I had visions of an ear or a paw coming loose. Anyway, I persisted with it, and here she is! Meet KittyCat.

Kitty cat 006

Here she is from the back - I added a tail to the pattern!

Kitty cat 007

And here she is saying 'good morning' to Henrycat. He wasn't very impressed at having his sleep disturbed to meet his new friend!

Kitty cat 002

Well, I think you're up to date now. Snoopydog is coming to play tomorrow, so call back soon to see what we've been getting up to! Bye for now.


Fluzz said...

Love the piggies!

Have you considered an i-cord edging for the bottom to control it? I did it to the edge of a collar and it prevents the rolling.

pick up evenly around the edge on a needle about 0.5mm smaller than that used to knit. Then using a straight of the knit size cast on 3 stitches, k2, k2tog, slip all 3 stitches back to the straight and repeat all the way round. Nice and simple.

snoopydogknits said...

Oh wow josiekitten! What a busy girl you've been! I just adore those little piggies. They are just perfect! Love the Lizzy too.... it suits you! Glad you finished Kitty... well worth the wait. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow for some Innocent hat knitting :D xx

Louise Tilbrook said...

I absolutely love those piggies - you've certainly been busy this week.

Allison said...

I love those pigs! I'm a huge Noro fan and what a good way to use up the end of a skein.