Sunday, 22 November 2009

Big socks and mini stockings

Do you know how many stitches it takes to knit a pair of UK size 9 socks? Have a guess! Go on! I worked it out this week, that to knit me a plain pair of socks takes a staggering 24,000 stitches! I was amazed. Not that I begrudge one little stitch. I love knitting socks. It's so satisfying, taking a skein of beautiful yarn and turning it into something so comforting. I've finished my November socks in record time, and am thrilled with how they turned out. The colour changes in the Trekking yarn are lovely. Here, take a look......

November Primavera socks 001

The Primavera pattern was very easy to memorise, and I can see me making them again in a different yarn. In the meantime, I'm ready and chomping at the bit to start my December socks and bring my year of sock knitting to an end. I'm going to make Tidal Wave socks using Tofutsies yarn. Possibly not the most sensible choice of yarn for December, a thinnish wool and cotton blend with soy silk and chitin from crab and shrimp shells! Sounds interesting. I'm sure that they'll make a lovely cool pair of socks for the spring or summer.

I had a couple of interesting parcels this week. The first was my spinning wheel from Ashford. It's my birthday, wedding anniversary and Christmas present all in one! At the moment, it's all boxed up, waiting for the wood to be sealed. I'm being very restrained, but I want to try and get most of my current knitting projects finished off before I get completely distracted by spinning. The second parcel was from Amazon, and amongst other things, contained this book. I'd like to improve my crochet next year, and this book is just full of squares to mix and match.


The third parcel was a very, very nice squishy one, containing part of Snoopydog's Christmas present, so I'm afraid that I can't reveal its contents just yet. There was much oohing and aahing to be heard and suffice it to say that I had a jolly good fondle and squeeze!

I'm almost done with Christmas shopping now. To celebrate, I allowed myself a little 'well done!' present from the yarn department of John Lewis! You might remember that I wanted a particular colour of Rowan Colourscape chunky yarn, and Snoopydog beat me to it, by snaffling the last 2 skeins in the shop! Luckily, more has appeared on the shelves, so I just had to buy some, didn't I?! It's destined to become Cora, a cabled scarf, and the yarn goes perfectly with my purple cord jacket!

xmas shopping stash

Following on from the decorations I made last weekend, I've started making mini Christmas stockings using some Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. I ordered it from Modern Knitting - if you haven't ever bought from them, they have an exellent range of sock yarns, and the service is always great! The pattern I'm using comes from Little Cotton Rabbits. So far, I've only made one, but I'm planning to make several and try out some of my beading and colourwork skills. I'll show you how I get on next time.

mini christmas stocking 001

These mini stockings have become my 99th project on Ravelry, so I'm thinking about what to cast on for my 100th. It's got to be something special. A jumper? A shawl? A blanket? Pop back again to see what I decide on! Have a good week!


melissa said...

love your primavera socks, the colors and pattern work so well together!

you totally deserved that yarn :) good for you for being so close to done with holiday shopping - i've only just begun...

and those little stocking ornament is just the cutest!! i'm looking forward to seeing the others you create.

and congratulations on reaching the 100th rav-project, that's really impressive! can't wait to see what you choose!

snoopydog said...

Wow! I love love love the Trekking socks;such pretty colours and pattern. I love the little tiny stocking too! Very sweet. Hmm! It's a good job you posted that pic of the '200 Crocheted Blocks' book 'cos guess what...................... it's in my lost Amazon parcel!!! Guess what it contained? Guess who for? Guess who it's for now? No, not me....... I've got it! LOL Have a good week. XXX

Carrie said...

So glad to hear you got a spinning wheel! It's great fun once you get it up and running!
Looking forward to seeing what you choose for your 100th ravelry project (and well done on reaching 99, very impressive!).

"The QuickBooks Guru" said...

I am knitting my first pair of socks - I've been a little scared. I like your year of socks, I am planning a year of sweaters right now.

Jenny said...

The primavera socks are brilliant. I've made Tidal Wave a few times, easy effective pattern and I made a lot of those little Christmas socks last year to send out with cards. So, will you be spinning on Christmas Day, either with your new wheel or just in your head from excitement?

Marie-Jolie said...

Beautiful socks, and what a darling little stocking! I have yet to perfect my crochet skills. Though I've been knitting for almost 24 years, I've only been crocheting for a year and haven't ventured beyond granny squares. :) Maybe someday!