Monday, 21 December 2009

The Great Sock Experiment - Day 1

Well, the Christmas socks are started. I haven't done as much as I'd hoped for today. My knitting time was cut short by Mr Josiekitten arriving home 3 hours earlier than expected! Most inconsiderate of him! I'm on the heel flap of sock one, ably assisted by Henrycat, who was very willing to lend a paw.

Mr JK's xmas socks (1)

It's still very snowy outside, and the sky looks full of even more snow. The weather forecasters are talking about us having a white Christmas now! I'll leave you with some photos I just took outside. See you tomorrow for the sock update!

Snowy December days


Jenny said...

I knitted Mr FF's Christmas socks sat beside him, he never really looks at my knitting. Snowy here too, nothing to do but knit, fabulous. Keep safe and warm.

snoopydog said...

Love the sock! Try knitting inside a paper bag. He won't see then! XXX

Marie-Jolie said...

My knitting time is ALWAYS waylaid by interruptions. It must just be the way of things. Can't wait to see your project!

melissa said...

love all the snow pictures!
you're making great progress on the sock - must be your assistant sitting on the knitting that is helping out so much :)

Marie-Jolie said...

Thank you so much for suggesting the "Peasy" sweater. I absolutely love it! I've seen other sweaters by Heidi Kirmaier that I've loved as well, but I haven't seen that one. Thank you very much for sharing your idea. Do you mind if we *both* knit one in the new year? :)