Thursday, 24 December 2009

The Great Sock Experiment - Day 4

All things Christmassy 009

This was what the Yarn Harlot told me this morning. Ok, so I haven't made it! I should have started a day or two earlier. I didn't take into account all the other things I needed to do, like make sausage rolls

All things Christmassy 011

and mincemeat palmiers.

All things Christmassy 004

Mr Josiekitten worked from home this morning, so there was no chance of getting in a couple of hours of clandestine knitting. Never mind, the world won't come to an end! I had fun trying.

All things Christmassy 005

Happy Christmas to you. I hope Santa stops by with a squishy parcel or two!


melissa said...

oh my - all your baking looks delicious!!

as someone who is also giving her sweetheart a pair of unfinished socks i say - hooray for knitting socks for people who understand how much work goes into them and who don't mind waiting for the finished product!

now go enjoy christmas with your family!
all the best to you!

Marie-Jolie said...

You baked your own palmiers? Mmm... they make me think of Paris!