Sunday, 17 January 2010

One hundred

One hundred 001

Hello there. I'm celebrating today - I'm making my 100th post! I can't quite believe it. I really enjoy my little escapes into Blogworld; Mr Josiekitten thinks me most odd that I want to share all my knitty goings on with people I don't 'know'. But you and I know that it's not like that, don't we? I get so much pleasure making posts, reading your messages, and visiting other blogs. So to celebrate, I'm having a little giveaway. Anyone leaving me a message between now and next Sunday 6pm will be entered into a draw to win some lovely, squishy yarn. It's a skein of HipKnits Merino sock yarn in lovely bright shades of pink and orange, perfect for brightening up these dull days. So what are you waiting for!

Ally Pally stash (20)

I've finished my wrist warmers, despite Henrycat lending a paw! He was most insistent that he sat on my lap for cuddles as you can see! He doesn't take no for an answer, and stays there, looking most uncomfortable, until he's had enough, and then moves alongside to sit on a piece of newspaper! It usually goes something like this........

Hey, make room for me here!

henrycat lends a paw (1)

This is comfy! I think I'll just settle down for a snoozle.

henrycat lends a paw (3)

Oh look, I think you've dropped a stitch!

henrycat lends a paw (2)

Anyway, here are the aforementioned wrist warmers in all their glory. I do like the pattern, even though I had to concentrate all the time with the cables, and could see me knitting them as presents for next Christmas. (Gasp! Have I really said that?!)

Rose's wrist warmers (2)

I'm haven't started my Ripple crochet blanket yet, the main reason being that I can't decide how big I want to make it! I'd love to make a really big one, to wrap round me and snuggle in, but can't quite get my head around a starting chain of over 200, with each row taking almost an hour to hook!!!! I'm going to just think about it this week, and get on with other projects. I've done a little bit more on my Katerina shawl (started way back last summer), and have got to the 'easy' 4 row main lace pattern. It's looking good, and I'm hoping to get it finished this year! I sing in a choir, and we often give concerts in extremely cold churches, so this is ideal for wrapping round me, whilst still looking elegant! (Elegant, me? That'll be the day! )

Manos silk blend shawl WIP

I hadn't realised until I looked at the photo quite how much the yarn has pooled. You can see it clearly with the pale pink colour near the bottom. I hope that pooling isn't going to become an issue, because I do love the pattern and the yarn. I'll keep you posted.

I've just signed up to take part in a Valentine's swap on the Phoenix Knitting Forums, so I'm off to take a browse through patterns on Ravelry to look for some 'hearty' inspiration. See you next time!


Gill said...

i'd love to enter your giveaway!
i'm hoping to start a ripple blanket soon too!!

snoopydogknits said...

Those wrist/arm warmers look great. Your practice ripple looks lovely too; super neat. I HAVE started mine, with 227 stitches...... but probs! (you'll see when you read my post :()
I love your Katerina shawl.I don't think pooling detracts from the overall gorgeous colour.
Aww give Henry a big stoke and a cuddle from please! Have a good week!XX

melissa said...

congratulations on your 100th post! quite the milestone, and that yarn is beautiful, what a generous giveaway!

i lurve the pictures of henrycat helping you knit - such a snuggle boy!

the finished wrist warmers are lovely! see - henry really is helpful :)

Sally said...

Congrats on your 100th post! I'm about to make my 100th post, also, and want to give something away...but I'm at a loss for what right now.

I love the photos of your cat trying to score some snuggles while you are knitting. Your wristwarmers turned out great, too! I'm currently working on fingerless mitts.

Fluzz said...

atleast if a cat tries to sneak on your lap you can still knit, our staffy keeps trying and she's too big to fit even without knitting!

I've got two blankets on the go:
a crochet granny square-ghan, done 16 of 30 squares.

Knit mitred squares: done about 8 of 324!

Anonymous said...

Those wristwarmers are gorgeous and I might just have to steal your cat. Lovely kitty kat :)

Jennyff said...

Lovely selection of knits there. I particularly like the shawl but wonder how you remember what you're doing if you've been knitting it on and off since summer. Henrycat is adorable and obviously the perfect assistant.

M.E. Greene said...

Oh my goodness... gorgeous mitts! And please enter me in the giveaway. What a treat! :)

Viknits said...

Hey! Is KnitNation the one in Stirling in August? I'll be at that with a stall, but not the one in London - it's way too expensive sadly. And I definitely can't afford to go as a customer!!
I Love your mitts - they look really warm and cosy :) Love the photos of Henry taking over the world, one knitter by one! :p
Oh hey your shawl looks gorgeous - I didn't find the pooling noticeable. And finally congratulations! My OH doesn't understand either..
Vik xx

Northern Monkey said...

Congratulations on 100 posts, I'll have to go back and read the other 99 as I found your blog through reading snoopydog's blog which I found through someone else's blog which I found through someone else's blog...blogs are fun!

Your shawl looks great, don't worry about the pooling.

knittingsandwich said...

those pictures of your Henry are too too adorable-- he wants to learn to knit too!
the wrist warmers look wonderful- love that color!
congrats on your 100th post!!!

ikkinlala said...

Congratulations on 100 posts!

Those photos of Henry are adorable, but I'm glad I don't have an indoor cat.

Pearlesyarn said...

Congratulations on your 100th post:-) My hubby kind of understands, he's in training, infact he proof reads my posts for me, lol!
Henry cat is so cute; in his world he is being helpful supervising proceedings....and look! it sure worked, your wristwarmers turned out lovely:-)
I am hoping to start my ripple soon but I'm stalled on teh size, double bed size would be fantastic so I'm gona check ou snoopdogs.
Have a groovy weekend,
Em x