Monday, 9 August 2010

It's show time again!

Hello again. Oh, I've been busy, busy, busy since getting back from KnitNation, I've scarcely had time to fondle my new yarn, yet alone knit any of it! I decided that the house was too dusty, even for me, so gave it a thorough going over from top to bottom! That took three days!!! (I don't live in a hovel, honestly, but I do have rather a lot of 'things' that all needed to be moved and dusted!) Whilst tidying out the airing cupboard, I unearthed a bag of bits that had come from my Mum and Dad's house. Not knowing what else to do with them, I'd shoved them at the back of the cupboard to be dealt with later. A little rummage revealed some crochet that I must have done in the 1970's! All squeaky acrylic and garish colours that only a child would put together! I think I made them for my parents to use as seat backs. I'm sure you'd like to take a look, wouldn't you?!

crochet from the 1970's (3)

I didn't ever progress beyond the basic Granny square back then, although I do remember making a waistcoat of Granny squares, in purple, cherry red, black and ? I can't remember the other colour, and can't find any incriminating photographs of me wearing it. They've probably all been destroyed by the fashion police! I quite like these two giant Granny squares - I could sew them together and make a big cushion. Do you think Henrycat would like it to snuggle on?

1970's crochet mix

Talking of Henrycat, he celebrated his 15th birthday this week, doing what he does best - sleeping! Despite his rather mature age (105 in human years) he's still pretty spritely, running up and down the stairs, chasing his tail, and playing football with a bit of scrunched up paper! He is the world's most gorgeous grey velvety pussycat, and he knows it!

springtime henry cat 001

It was our local garden and produce show this weekend, and Mr JK and I both entered a number of classes. I actually struggled to find anything to enter, since most of my knitting looked 'worn', but I managed to unearth my Monkey socks, knitted in France earlier this year, as yet unworn, along with my crocheted Inga bag. I was awarded two 1sts for those, and got 2nd for my photograph of a bee on an echinacea, so I was pretty pleased! Mr JK did very well indeed, and got three 3rds, three 2nds and three 1sts - for his peas, raspberries and his homemade blackcurrant wine! The latter was also judged best wine in show, so he won a cup (more dusting!) I can see a new hobby developing here! Chateau Josiekitten has a nice ring to it, don't you think?!
I'm trying to finish off a few projects before Mr JK and I head off for a fortnight in Greece, so I'll be back later this week to show you what I've managed. Bye 'til then! xxx


Lyn said...

I think Henry cat would love to have a big multicoloured cushion to sleep on!

snoopydog said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HENRY!!!!! I love the blankets. I remeber making very similar coloured myself when I was in my early teens. Congrats on all the show successes. Credit where credit was due, this year then! Say 'well done' to Mr J for me. Tell him I'd be very willing to be a taster if his hobby takes off. I do have quite a palate for wine. Did you kow that? XX

melissa said...

happy birthday to the handsome mr. henrycat!

and i love your 1970's crochet! very fun and retro-chic. i think lyn had a great idea of turning them into a kitty cushion!

Maria said...

I quite like the granny squares, lots of memories with the colours

Northern Monkey said...

Happy Birthday Henry Cat!! I am sure he will love those granny squares made into a cushion!

Congratultaions on your successes at the show as well.

yarndancer said...

Happy Birthday Henrycat!!! I think he'd love a giant cushion!

Well done to you and Mr JK for your successes in the show!

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

I also think Henrycat would love a 70s-tastic crochet cushion. Think of all the brilliant sleeps he could have on it! He looks uncannily like my cat, Luke Spookling, but he's only about 4. Happy Birthday to HC from me and Luke!

Congratulations on all the awards. Stands to reason your crafts should win first prizes. :)

Jenny said...

Strangely enough though I can't remember how to crochet I have a very similar and equally loud square that I made as a teenager in the back of one of my cupboards. I think you should have entered yours in the show. Well done with the prizes and happy birthday to Henry.

knitting said...

that blanket is fantastic! what a lucky Henry you have! :)