Monday, 11 October 2010

Wool Week 2010 - Day 1

While Mr JK and I were out and about this weekend, I spotted this in a shop window.

wool week 2010

Further investigations lead me to discover that today is the start of Wool Week. Prince Charles is supporting a campaign to promote wool as fashionable, eco-friendly and a hard-wearing alternative to cheaper 'throw-away' garments. It is hoped that wool will make a fashion comeback, to stop the dwindling demand and falling prices. Savile Row, one of London's most famous tailoring streets was closed to traffic today, turfed over, and brightly dyed sheep were allowed to graze. I was shocked to read that many farmers have been burning fleeces because of the low prices. Can you imagine a world without wool? Woolless sheep are apparently being bred. What better reason could there be to get out your knitting needles and go and buy some wool?

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Kathy said...

I've been inspired by all you 'knitters' and have been buying wool, and actually making things. Only little Christmas ornament things, nothing major, but it's a start!
Love Kathy xxx

snoopydogknits said...

Yes, I kind of realised. When we bought the 'British Sheep Breeds' wool for Miss S's cabled coat they were setting up a small display in JL! So....... I've done my bit....I knit.... she pays :-) XX

Jennyff said...

I knew it was Wool Week and had wondered if I should purchase some proper British yarn. Your post convinces me that it's my duty to support our sheep. It makes me so cross when wool comes from the other side of the world, not easy to find the home grown stuff nowadays.

Helsie said...

We also depend on our woollen industry here in Oz with our merino sheep though I must say I don't own one item of wool - too hot and it makes me sneeze.
One of the best features of wool is that you stay warm even if you are wet, I hear.

kim said...

We can't have a world without wool, it's unthinkable. I would have loved to see the multicoloured sheep in the middle of the city........I'm off to my LYS to stock up on yarn this morning.........Christmas goodies to knit.
florrie x

Northern Monkey said...

I bought some locally dyed yarn on Folksy but will be heading over to my LYS for some of their lovely yarn at the weekend as to support wool week right ;)

melissa said...

hooray for wool week!
i wish they would do something like this in the states. maybe even a wool month. (you know how we like excess here in america....)