Friday, 24 December 2010

1 sleep 'til Santa

Christmas Eve 2010 009

Hello again! Are you all ready for tomorrow? Mr JK and I are having a pretty low key affair - we have invited an elderly neighbour to join us for lunch, but apart from that, we'll be enjoying each other's company. The weather forecast is for a sunny but cold day, so fingers crossed we will be able to get out for a walk along by the sea at some point.

We celebrated our wedding anniversary today, and went into Cromer for a stroll around. The wind coming off the North Sea was bitter - in a couple of days time, lots of brave (mad?) souls will actually be going into the sea here for the Boxing Day Dip!

Christmas Eve 2010 001

I've made some mince pies - the more eagle eyed among you will notice that there's an empty space! Mr JK couldn't keep his paws off them! Needless to say, they went down to 10 pretty soon afterwards!! Yummy!

Christmas Eve 2010 008

Still no finished knits to show you, I'm afraid! I'm hanging my head in shame here. But there's nothing that had to be finished for Christmas Day. They were just ridiculously ambitious targets that I set for myself! Never mind, the world won't end! I shall (hopefully) finish them at my leisure over the next few days.

I hope that you have a very merry Christmas with those that you love. And don't forget to leave out a mince pie and a wee dram for Santa! Happy Christmas, one and all! xxx


Jenny said...

At last Christmas is almost here and I hope you are relaxing now, forget those imagined deadlines and enjoy a rest. Hope you and Mr JK have a lovely day, so kind of you to include your neighbour and so much more important than all the commerical nonesense. Oh I think I hear sleigh bells.

Northern Monkey said...

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary and I hope you have a lovely Christmas.

Laura xxx

Helsie said...

Merry Christmas
Hope you have a lovely day.