Saturday, 4 December 2010

We have some winners!

Slightly later than anticipated, I have the three winners from my celebratory giveaway. Mr JK was the drawmaster, and Henrycat acted as independent adjudicator! The first name drawn at random was Clicky Needles who chose the Jojoland sock yarn. Second came the Crafty Geek who opted for the Louisa Harding Kimono yarn, and third was Melissa over at the Knitting Sandwich who will be getting the Regia Pompon yarn. Many thanks to all of you who entered, and especially for all those blog recommendations. It's been great discovering some new places to visit! I'll be getting your prizes in the post as soon as possible. Possibly not today though, because outside it looks like this .........

December snowfall (5)

......... and I'm planning on staying inside in the warm and knitting! See you soon! xx

1 comment:

melissa said...

hooray!!! lily's very excited to get "her" pompom yarn! :)

enjoy your snowday!