Sunday, 12 December 2010

What a week!

Advent week 3 (1)

Good evening! Thanks for calling by. What a week I've had! At this time of year, school is always manic, with all the preparations for Christmas! It's a fun place to be, especially the age group I'm currently teaching (8 and 9 year olds) as they still want to believe in Father Christmas, and enjoy making all sorts of decorations. Basically you can make even the dullest activity seem exciting if Santa gets a mention! Picture the scene in my classroom on Tuesday - Christmas cards started, calendars started, origami Santas done, decorations for the Christmas Fayre on Friday started. The whole room was awash with glitter and glue, when we got 'the phone call'! OFSTED (that's school inspectors) were coming in on Thursday and Friday! So Christmas had to temporarily be put to one side and 'normal' lessons taught. I still snuck Santa into one of my maths lessons, because we were studying 3D shapes, so we were sorting out some packaging problems for Santa's elves!! Fortunately, the insepction went well, and we all breathed a sigh of relief when they left the building on Friday afternoon!
It was my birthday on Friday too! The school caretaker does a great line in birthday cakes, and I think he surpassed himself with this festive sugar burst!

bday cake sugar fest! (1)

I had some lovely presents, and Mr JK really spoiled me with some truly beautiful fibre. It certainly brightened my Friday morning when I unwrapped this little lot!

Birthday fibre

I can't wait to start spinning with it. He also gave me some Rowan Felted Tweed yarn to make Peasy - a cardigan that I've been wanting to make for absolutely ages. The colourway is called Scree, and it's bluey-grey. It goes perfectly with the buttons I brought back from France earlier in the year. The buttons are so pleased that they're finally going to be used, that they're making a big buttony smile!

Peasy here I come! (6)

We had a great time at the football match yesterday, and much to my delight, Portsmouth beat Norwich 2-0! I had to restrain my celebrations, seeing as how I was sat amongst the Canaries supporters! But hearing the Pompey chimes echoing around Carrow Road did make my heart soar just a tiny bit! I used to go occasionally with my Dad to watch Portsmouth play at Fratton Park, and you just can't beat watching football live for the atmosphere. I did take my sock with me, but it only came out for a photo!!

Play up Pompey! 003

I had a thank you card from Innocent Smoothies this week, which was a nice touch.

Innocent thanks (1)

The only knitting I've managed this week has been my Innocent Hat of the week - or hats of the week to be more precise. Seeing as how I was at the football this week, the hats have a football theme. Belinda is wearing the Pompey hat, while Betty models the Canaries one! I hope that this week will be a little more profitable!

hat of the week 6 (5)

I shall leave you know with a photo of my birthday tea, courtesy of Mr JK - homemade crumpets with lashings of butter! Yum! Have a good week! xxx

nice bit of crumpet! 001


Clicky Needles said...

Glad the OFSTED went well, only 1 more week to go!

snoopydog said...

HOORAY! All over and done with. Glad you've had a great weekend and had some lovely pressies. Hmmm, a little package is waiting here for you! I didn't ring, as guessed you may just want to blot out and relax after all the stress. See you soon Ros xx

Jenny said...

Bad enough having to get ready for Christmas without the inspection. Still it all came good in the end, cake, crumpets, fibre and wool, happy belated birthday. Made me laugh that you took your sock to the football, that must be one of the more unusual places knitting has been seen. Hope this week is more relaxing.

Stadtwaldvogel said...

You got a beautiful cake and so many pretty rovings! I hope you will find the time to spin them.
Have a great week!
Yours, Julia

Northern Monkey said...

Do you loan out Mr JK for his cooking and baking skills? Mr NM is hopeless (but has other charms)

I'm glad OFSTED went well, I used to work in a school and remember the affect that word had on everyone well!

Happy belated birthday, your gifts are wonderful you lucky thing! I hope you had a good day.

Fiona said...

I'm glad you weren't sitting near me! I'm a Norwich fan myself.

melissa said...

happy belated birthday to you!
hope your week goes well!!

Denise said...

My daughter just turned 10 and still believes, but I think she's starting to wonder cos all her classmates are saying otherwise!
Have a fun week.

Kathy said...

Oh my goodness Ofsted!!!! As if Christmas isn't manic enough! Glad it all went well ... bet you're all exhausted now.
Happy Birthday greetings ... if a little late. Super cake!
Love Kathy xxx

Ozzy Blackbeard said...

What lovely presents, and the cake looks delicious.

I got a Innocent Smoothie card too, I do like the plait on the green and yellow hat. I'll have to remember that!

Anonymous said...

Yikes!!! Ofsted at Christmas! At my previous school 'the phonecall' came 3 days into the September term! Glad the inspection went well and you can chill out a little now. :)