Sunday, 23 January 2011

Knit two, frog two!

Hello there! Yes, it's been one of those weeks! Although I've managed to fit in some knitting (but not as much as I'd have liked!), there's precious little to show for all my efforts! It's been a tough week here in the josiekitten household. First, poor Mr JK was unwell, and we ended up at A&E. Luckily he's feeling much better now. Then Henrycat had to spend two nights at the vets. He's just been diagnosed with kidney failure, and needed to be on a drip to get his blood levels back to normal. He'll be 16 years old in August, and is starting to look his age. He has to go back to the vet in two weeks, so we should have a better idea of how he's doing then. It's just nice to have him back home with us, and enjoy the cuddles while we can. He's such a gorgeous boy!

Henrycat (2)

My Peasy cardigan, which did look like this ......

Peasy WIP (4)

has now been frogged, and restarted! I tried it on and decided that the armhole wasn't deep enough, and also it was going to be rather tight over the boobage department! So I'm making the next size up (I have just enough yarn for this, needles crossed) and Heidi Kirrmaier, the designer, has given me some really helpful advice about how to deepen the armhole without creating excess bulk around the whole garment. I'm about to start the lace pattern on the front, so maybe there'll be something worth photographing next week!

My Circles sock has progressed a little, mainly because it was in my bag when Mr JK had to go to hospital, so I was able to sit and knit and keep calm! What good medication knitting is - who needs drugs?!

cirles WIP

The Kirkstone hat that I was test-knitting for Lily was looking fabulous until I blocked it. Then the Debbie Bliss yarn lost all its body and went far too big and baggy, so I frogged the hat and will reknit it on smaller needles to try and achieve a denser fabric. This was how it looked post-blocking. It's a lovely design, so it's worth doing the job properly! My test-knitting was useful for Lily anyway, so that's the main thing!

Kirkstone after blocking (2)

I have knitted another cabled keyhole scarf, this time for a colleague whose birthday was this weekend. It's a super-quick knit, so is perfect for that instant gratification feeling I often get! I used the ball of Sublime Organic Merino that I had left over from knitting Sheepish.

cabled keyhole scarf

I do have two Innocent Smoothie hats of the week to show you - last week's and this week's. Belinda is modelling a beaded number, while Betty is wearing a camouflage hat knitted with some Colinette DK yarn. I have a dozen little hats already made, so I should have a good number ready to post off later in the year.

Innocent Smoothie hats of the week 11 and 12

Being on a self-imposed yarn diet, I was somewhat surprised when there was a squishy parcel waiting for me when I got home from school on Thursday. When I opened it, I found some mini-balls of sock yarn from Ethmay. She sent me some oddments last year, and was kind enough to think of me when wondering what to do with all her leftovers. Thank you so much Ethmay, your unexpected gift really cheered me up! Aren't knitters nice?!

sock yarn minis

Talking of knitters (and crocheters too!) being nice, Melissa blogged about a project that's just been started to collect Granny squares to make blankets for the victims of the Australian floods. I've signed up to make a few. If my contribution can bring about some comfort in any way, it'll be more than worth it. The project is called Crochet-a-Rainbow, and there's a link on my blog too. I shall have a rummage through my leftover DK yarn to see what I can find, and post some pictures next time.

I've started another little cabled keyhole neckwarmer for myself too. I needed some 'comfort' knitting last night, and settled down on the sofa with this little lot in front of me.

an evening of self-indulgence awaits

A cup of tea, my favourite chocolate, a new knitting project, a yarn cake made using my ball winder and swift, a roaring fire and a pussycat alternating laps between me and Mr JK. What a perfect way to spend the evening! Have a good week everyone! xxx


kim said...

Hope Mr JK and Henrycat are feeling better.

I find it hard to get the fit right when I'm knitting something for myself, shame you had to frog your Peasy cardigan, but still looking good. Lucky you, what a lovely parcel of yarns to find on your doorstep.

I have just signed up to the crochet a rainbow's nice to know that in some small way we can help those poor families who've lost everything.

I agree, knitting's such a comfort in difficult times

Lynne said...

What a week!! I hope Mr JK and HenryCat are both feeling better.

Pants to having to frog your cardigan, it's so lovely. And I do love the Circle Socks. This pattern appears to have found it's way into my queue!

And I do like the cabled neckwarmer. Funnily enough, I saw it on another blog last week.

Kathy said...

Goodness what a week, you just never know what's round the corner. Hope Mr JK is feeling much better now. Poor Henry cat, he's still looking mighty handsome in that photo!

Northern Monkey said...

I'm glad Mr JK is feeling better and sorry Henrycat is ill.

It's a shame about the frogged cardigan, I hope you have enough yarn for the bigger size.

Have a lovely knitterly evening.

snoopydogknits said...

Glad Mr J is on the mend. I really hope Henry is going to be okay!!! Please give him a big stroke and kiss from me. I told Oscar and he sends a big lick! Your sock is my favourite this week. It's GORGEOUS!!! It's the perfect pattern for the yarn. Hope you have a good week. Ros

Aussie Maria said...

My you are one busy girl and all the projects are looking so good

Squirrel said...

My, my, you have been busy. Hope Mr JK and Henrycat are feeling better.

I'm loving your circle socks and the little smoothie hats.

Got to agree with you on knitting being better than drugs, it's very soothing and a great way to escape. x

Anonymous said...

I hope Henrycat is going to be well!
You have wonderful knittings going on!
Best wishes! Teje

Jennyff said...

Sorry to hear those guys have been in the wars. Pleased Mr JK is OK and hope that HK makes good progress. We've had cats diagnosed with kidney (and various other) problems that have gone on to live for many more years so I hope you get some good news soon. Meantime spend lots of time with your yarn, your comforts and your boys, all the important things.

Unknown said...

I'm so sorry to hear Mr Henrycat is not doing well. :( I'm glad that Mr JK is on the mend and concur that knitting is an excellent salve. My testknit Kirkstone went big after blocking as well, but I'd put a slip stitch around the inside of the ribbing so it's staying on and I'm feeling quite Gaughinesque.

melissa said...

i hope henrycat and mr jk are all feeling better.

what a lovely lineup of knitting you have for us this week! everything looks wonderful - loving those circle socks. and you're right - knitting *is* the best medicine!