Sunday, 18 March 2012

Just spinning along

Greetings! I seem to have been bitten by the spinning bug big time recently. I was delighted to discover that my Coast handpsun had been featured in the latest edition of Handspinning News. I hadn't heard of this publication before, but have signed up for the newsletter as it is packed with great things for spinners. It's definitely worth a look.
This is what my craft room currently looks like.......
It's got to be pink spinning in progress (1)
I was very excited when Mr JK texted me at work to tell me that I had a pink squishy parcel waiting for me. It could only be one thing - the latest club fibre from Picperfic's Luxury fibre club. And what a treat it was too. Three 40g braids of fibre, a mix of Polwarth, baby alpaca and mulberry silk, all to be spun as singles and then plied together. Just feast your eyes on this tantalising trio!
Potty about Polwarth March luxury fibre 001
So far I have spun the Polwarth (my first time spinning this fibre, and definitely not my last!!) and the Polwarth and baby alpaca, and have just made a start on the last braid. I think that this might be my favourite of the three. I'm impatient to see how they look plied together. This will be my first proper 3-ply yarn, as my others have all been N-plied. Here's what I've done so far, along with a sample that Marianne always sends along with the fibre, so you know what you're aiming for! The Polwarth is on the left and the Polwarth/baby alpaca blend on the right.
It's got to be pink spinning in progress (10)
Prior to this, I was busy spinning up another of Marianne's gorgeous fibres, another braid of Coast in the colourway Greenious. I spun this up as a present for a friend, and she was thrilled with it! I can't wait to see what it looks like knitted up.
Greenious handspun
Here's a better photo of the yarn all skeined up. I managed to get about 330 metres, probably my best yardage for N-plied yarn, so I was delighted.
Greenious Coast handspun (9)
I'm plugging away at my Motheye stole, still nowhere enough repeats (it would help if I could drag myself away from my spinning wheel haha!), but I'm still optimistic that it'll be done in time for the wedding! Here's the pattern, lots of lacy winged moths. The yarn is Woolen Rabbit Kashmir, and is just delightful to knit with.
Motheye WIP (4)
My plain vanilla socks are trogging along well. I'm not sure how much I like the colours. They looked ok in the ball, but knitted up I'm not so sure. I hope Zena will like them anyway!
Plain vanilla socks no6 WIP
My knitting club at school has been going well and the children are starting to finish this term's projects. We have been making friendship bracelets ......
friendship bracelets
..... and bendy snakes!
bendy snakes
They have especially loved decorating the bracelets, and I've had my work cut out to convince one or two of them that less looks better! I was exactly the same at their age, I probably still am, if truth be known, with my stashes of beads and buttons!! I'm not too sure what to work on in the summer term. If you have any ideas, do please let me know! I'm wondering about doing something completely different, like felting. It might be fun! I shall have to have a play around in the Easter holidays.
I'll leave you with a photo of my bestest girl, Flo. She is currently snuggled up with Mr JK, using his tummy as a pillow! She is just the sweetest little cat, I can't imagine life without her now. Have a good week and see you soon! xxx
Flo in a sunny spot 003


snoopydog said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! What more is there to say. My little elves have been knit, knit knitting so, so hard that I am becoming sick to death of my wedding shawl ;-) Have a gooid week. Ros x

Saphy said...

that is some great spinning. the greenlicious, looks amazing.

Kathy said...

Lovely colours again!
I try the less is more approach with my class too, but they don't always believe me!

Lynne said...

Your spinning is gorgeous, as always! I really like the green.

Your shawl is beautiful, and I happen to like the colour of the socks. I think it's calm and cooling.

And the childrens' braclets and snakes are brilliant! :)

busybusybeejay said...

How about knitting food items?Jean Greenhowe has some super free patterns-cupcakes,sandwiches,biscuits...Very easy to do but leaving a lot to the imagination in ,say,sandwich fillings.
Love your spinning.Great colours.

peahen said...

Thank you for the mention for HSN :) Keep spinning and keep up the great blog.

Kim said...

Oh, that Coast is just gorgeous Helen! LOVE it!!! You are such a pro spinner, girl!!!