Sunday, 13 May 2012

Catching up

Hello again! I thought it was about time I showed you just what's been happening in my knitty-hooky world recently. The crochet ripple blanket is coming along nicely. I think that I will have enough yarn to do four colour repeats of all ten stripes, which should make it a useful size. I am going to need to buy some more yarn for the border. I can't quite decide what colours to get, so I'm going to browse a few finished blankets over on Ravelry for some inspiration. Progress is being closely monitored by Flo, you'll be pleased to hear!

ripple ripple WIP 004

I finished a pair of Roger socks for a friend. I've called them 'You'll never walk alone' since the recipient is an ardent Liverpool supporter. I used a Regia machine washable yarn as I don't think they'd get the handwashing treatment needed for some more luxurious sock yarns. I do like this pattern a lot, it fits very well and is easy to knit.

red rogers (2)

I've also been knitting away on a plain vanilla pair of socks and am on the heel flap of the second. I should have those to show you next time. Other knitting for another day includes my mink and cashmere cardigan (back, one sleeve and part of a front done) and a large cuddly owl which is going to become our school mascot. I've almost finished the body, ably assisted by 'you know who', who thinks that any yarn (especially lovely bulky yarn) belongs to her!

Flo assists with knitting (1)

At least she looked sorry when I finally extracted it - somewhat mangled - from her claws and jaws!! How could I stay cross with her?!!

sorry Flo (2)

I received a lovely parcel from my friend Cathy in Canada. We have been swapping yarn and fibre for two or three years now. She always manages to find me something unusual. The sock yarn is local to her, using some Canadian alpaca. I can't wait to turn it into some socks!

swap with Cathy May 2012 (1)

I also received my fibre from Picperfic's luxury fibre club. It's a mix of merino, cashmere and silk. The suggestion is to spin it as a single and then knit a Citron shawl. It would look beautiful with the gradual colour changes.

Esme Darling fibre (4)

I have been busy in the kitchen too - I made some focaccia bread using a recipe from the Hairy Bikers Great Bakeation. It tasted really nice and I shall definitely be making it again. I used genuine Italian olive oil from Jenny.

Hairy Bikers focaccia bread (2)

Last weekend I made a Bakewell tart using an old recipe of my Mum's. The pastry just melted in your mouth, it was really deeeeeeelish! (with custard of course!)  I'm making another pie today - chicken, ham and leek from the Hairy Bikers' pie book. I hope it's another winner! Here's last week's tart. Enjoy! xxx

Bakewell tart (2)


WildflowerWool said...

You are making good progress on the blanket.

Lynne said...

Florence is a wee rascal, but so lovely! Your blanket is looking great, and the socks are fantastic. I do like the colours of your new yarn. :)

Anonymous said...

My cats steal my yarn when I am working too!

snoopydog said...

Dear little Flo, she is so cute! Love those socks and that fibre!!!! Ros

Kat Jorgensen said...

Love how sad Flo looks. The fiber is beautiful. And you're really making progrss on the stripey blankes.

GirlAnachronismE said...

Gorgeous yarn and fibre, and I love the socks, very apt name!

Kim said...

That focacia looks so wonderful Helen! And of COURSE you can't stay mad at my niece Flo! What a cutie she is!

Anonymous said...

Great progress on all your knitting. How funny that Flo prefers bulky yarn - both my kitties with yarn fetishes get really wrapped around the axle for lace weight while bulky doesn't interest them at all!

Anonymous said...

oh florence! if you eat all the yarn mama won't have any left to knit for you!