Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Tour de Fleece - Day 18

It's another rest day in the Tour today, so it's a chance for me to tell you about our day trip to Bruges on Saturday. It was a long day, with lots of time spent on the coach. Luckily I had my Citron shawl with me, and knitted loads! I'm on the last section now - the ruffle - and the rows are just never ending! Next time I blog about knitting, it ought to be finished. Delays on the Shuttle meant that we didn't get as long in Bruges as we'd hoped for, but we managed to get a flavour of the city, and know that we want to go back there sometime.

We started off by going on a boat trip around the city's rivers.

Bruges July 2012 049

You can see from the architecture of the buildings that there is a strong Dutch influence here, with the stepped gables.

Bruges July 2012 040

Despite the terrible weather forecast, it actually only rained once during our visit. Luckily we didn't need to borrow any umbrellas while we were on the boat! This was the starting point for our tour. I think the building used to be an old hospital.

Bruges July 2012 016

Almost every other shop sold Belgian chocolates! Mmmmmmmmmm!

Bruges July 2012 006

Those chocolate covered orange slices are yummy - we brought some back home with us. Talking of food, frites with mayonnaise seemed appropriate, although Mr JK preferred ketchup with his!!

Bruges July 2012 008

And it would have been rude not to sample the waffles too, wouldn't it. We had ours with caramel sauce!
Bruges July 2012 065

No time to search for yarn shops, but I did find this street. In Medieval times, Bruges was the centre of the wool trade, so I am guessing that this street, just off the central market square, played an important part.

Bruges July 2012 061

There was plenty of lace though. I spotted this little window while we were on the boat trip.

Bruges July 2012 026

A little taste of our day in Bruges. Hope you enjoyed the trip! I'll be back spinning again tomorrow! xxx


Bizzy B said...

Thank you. I did enjoy your pictures. I can't help being a little bit envious of someone who can do a day trip to Bruges. It is a lovely city.

Anonymous said...

oh my, what lovely photos. thank you for taking us along so i can live vicariously through your travels!
(if only they could develop a technology so i could taste those chocolates or the waffles... yum!)