Sunday, 30 September 2012

Innocent Smoothie 2012 Button Collection

This week has been a blur! I had great intentions of knitting loads of little hats for the Big Knit, but in the end, I only managed 8 this year. Belinda and Betty helped out with the modelling the 2012 Button collection!
Innocent Smoothie 2012 Button collection

What else has happened here this week? Well, the fire has been lit a couple of times, much to Flo's approval! She has decamped to her basket by the fire now, in the hope that it will be lit every day!

fireside flo (1)

And when she's not in her basket or lazing in front of the fire, she has found another comfy place for a snooze - on my latest knitting bag!! Naughty cat!!

bag sitting! 002

Have a good week everyone! xx


faith76 said...

Well done for even doing eight! I always think I would love to have a go but always miss doing some for Innocent Smoothie.

Lynne said...

Love the hats! The models are superb! What is it about cats and where they want to sleep? They have perfectly great cat beds, but insist on sleeping in the strangest places. I'll never understand it!

Claire said...

She does have good taste though, you must admit :) Well done on knitting the Innocent hats - I never manage to get it together enough to do any.

Sylve said...

Hallo Knitting Kitty,
I've just picked up your blog from Helsies Happenings in Brisbane and from the 'Knitting' in the title decided to drop by. Love your cat trying to help! Don't know anything about innocent/Innocent hats - could you direct me to a site for those, please?
I've made crochet throws (Attic 24 pattern) and knitted blankets, too, hope I'm going to sell something at a craft day soon.
If you want a quick way of making cat blankets you can make then in 3 strips then crochet the strips together, quicker than handsewing - unless you like handsewing, that is!
Best wishes...

Madmum said...

We lit our fire too - must have been the weekend for it. Well done on the smoothie hats - I had the best intentions but life intervened :) Maybe next year...

sapphireblue said...

I have never heard of that project. That hats on the drink bottles are so cute.

I'm jealous of that warm stove. I so want a wood-burning stove.

Poison_kitty said...

I missed the big knit again this year - I'm going to start putting it in my calender with reminders every month haha! I love your hats and what a good way to use up lonely buttons! I cut buttons off all the clothes I throw away with intentions on using them in the future but never get around to it. I've got quite a collection now!

Loveknitter said...

Hello Knitting Kitty

Love your blog, especially your cat's attempts to help. She looks exactly like a cat I used to have, made me quite nostalgic.

I hope you don't mind me contacting you but a few of us have set up a new knitting store online recently and we are looking for passionate/expert knitters like yourself to help us improve it. It would involve having a look at the site and answering a few questions.

What do you think? If you would like to help us please email me at

Look forward to hearing from you

Anonymous said...

the buttons are such a cute addition to your hats this year!
we've had our fire lit a few times this week too! pip and peapod are snuggling in just like flo!