Sunday, 16 September 2012

What Florence did .....(or what a little cat can get up to in just half an hour!)

Oh oh, Mum's left her knitting on the sofa.

what Florence did (2)

She's always knitting. I think I'll take it to her. She'll be so pleased.

what Florence did (3)

Off the sofa, out of the living room - this is so easy!

what Florence did (4)

Into the hallway, past my scratching post. Ooops! A big chunk of yarn just fell off the ball. Oh well, I've still got plenty so I'll just carry on.

what Florence did (5)

Up the stairs I go. Carrying a ball of yarn in my mouth and climbing up the stairs at the same time is quite hard. Yikes! There goes some more yarn! Never mind, onwards and upwards!

what Florence did (6)

Houston, we have a problem! I'm blaming the design of these silly Zauberballs - the yarn keeps slipping off in rather large amounts! I'm miaowing to Mum to come and help me, but I don't think she can hear me. Best I just sit here and wait for reinforcements.
what Florence did (10)

I do like yarn you know. It's one of my best things ever!

what Florence did (13)

Well, I've done all the hard work, I'm worn out now. Time for a nap! Miaow miaow miaow! xxx

what Florence did next!


Spinthrift said...

Ah.... butter wouldn't melt!

Lynne said...

Oh. My. Goodness!!!!! She's a rascal!! But she was only trying to help! I hope there wasn't too much damage to your knitting, and it would be very hard to be angry with that wee face. :)

Clicky Needles said...

Oh dear!

snoopydog said...

Oh so cute!!! How can you not love her for it! Hope there wasn't too much damage. Ros

Jenny said...

I see the cat training has been going well but how could you ever be cross with such a sweetie.

Madmum said...

So cute. You could forgive her anything I'm sure xx

Sally said...

Florence is the helpful sort, isn't she? I can't help but smile and yet be grateful that my cats haven't done this to me.

busybusybeejay said...

She is lovely.Our cat,Ziggy,just loves my Cath Kidston knitting bag.If the zip is open just a tiny amount in goes his paw to try and drag something out.other bags he doesn't bother with.The handles-well- they are great for a good chew.But we love him to bits!!

sapphireblue said...

Oh my gosh! I love how you did the pictures to show the trail of destruction.

Vivianne said...

LOL what a brilliant fotonovela :-)

Anonymous said...

oh flo... such a helpful kitty.

i love that second to last photo of her looking up at you completely innocent and beautiful. really, how can you do anything but thank her for helping you with your yarn work.

Michele in Maine said...

Cuteness wins the day, right? That's what my mischievous cocker spaniels used to say to me after they did something especially naughty!

At least she didn't actually chew on the yarn!

Kihaku said...

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Lyn said...

so helpful!