Sunday, 16 December 2012

What's another year?

Commencing countdown - week 3 001

I celebrated my birthday this week - another year closer to an extremely Big Birthday! Yikes, how has that happened?! Mr JK and I are planning a weekend in Amsterdam next year to celebrate both our birthdays this year, rather than give presents, so that will be something nice to look forward to. My good knitting friend Snoopydog has given me 6 month's membership of the Natural Dye Studio's Rainbow Yarn Club. I think next year is going to be the 'year of the blanket' in the josiekitten household, so that is a lovely, lovely gift. A squishy parcel each month - it'll be like having my birthday again and again. I shall have to get my new postie trained when it comes to delivering squishy parcels. The one we have now is very discreet!! I also had a rather lovely parcel from a very dear friend in the USA. Amongst the gifts was a ball of qiviuk and mulberry silk yarn in a shade of purple called 'iced violet'. Qiviuk comes from the underbelly of the Musk ox, and is incredibly warm (and expensive!) I now need to find the perfect pattern to show off my little ball of luxury and make sure that I use every last cm of yarn!

birthday qiviuk 001

I won a giveaway on a blog this week, and received my prize - a set of 5 miniskeins of yarn and 5 key rings to knit some little owl key rings. They are very cute and I will try to knit one over the holidays. Thank you so much Rachel. If you haven't visited Rachel's blog, I can really recommend it, and will be adding it to my favourites.

owlets prize (1)

There's been a spot of festive baking this weekend - sausage rolls! You can find the recipe here if you're interested. They are delicious and just melt in the mouth! Mmmmmmmmm.
sausage rolls 002

I test knit a cowl for Anne Hanson - it's lovely and cosy. You can find the pattern here. I like the longer version even better than the smaller size that I knit.
Squeeze me! 010

No firm house news yet, but we are cautiously optimistic that we will be in our new home fairly early in the New Year. Keep your fingers and knitting needles crossed please! Term finishes this Friday and I can't wait. It's going to be a hectic week with performances, hat making and parties! I'll be ready for a rest! xxx


busybusybeejay said...

I love squishy parcels!They are the best.I already have OCD on blankets.I just love arranging the colours and getting different effects.I am currently doing Attic 24's Ripple Blanket.I have sent to Afan Crafts for more Stylecraft Special DK,a huge range of colours and very soft and only £1.30 a ball.Bargain.
After years of putting on Xmas productions in school it is great to be in the audience watching(my grandchildren).

snoopydog said...

Oh wow! That qiviuk is stunning!!!!!! Have a good last week of term. Ros xx

sapphireblue said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

happy happy birthday my dear!

love all the yarn & the cowl and man-oh-man those sausage rolls look delicious!!

enjoy your week! (will you got on winter holiday soon? lily goes to school through friday... one more week!)

Lynne said...

Happy Birthday!!! And Oooooo to the Qiviuk! Good luck with whatever you make with it. :)