Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Not quite ready .......

........ for a guided tour just yet! Although we have done a lot of unpacking, there still seem to be plenty of boxes to be emptied! The spare bedroom looks like this at the moment. I unpacked three boxes of yarn-related things and they are piled up on the bed, waiting for me to buy some more plastic storage boxes. We won't mention the three that were purchased at the weekend and are already full! (If I knew how to insert a blushing face here, I would!)
unpacking (1)

The craftroom currently looks like this - I have unpacked loads of books and am gradually filling up the shelves. I have lots of boxes that need to be sorted through properly, and that will take some time, but I am hoping that by the weekend, the room will be usable. Mr JK is chomping at the bit to unpack all his vinyl records and store them in here.
unpacking (4)
unpacking (5)

I wish that Mary Poppins would come round and click her fingers for me, to magically pack everything away in the right place! We went down to Portsmouth at the weekend to celebrate my aunt's 90th birthday, so had a break from unpacking. It was a beautiful day on Sunday, so we went down to the seafront and wandered around Old Portsmouth. The harbour is always busy, with boats and ferries going in and out, so there is plenty to see.
Portsmouth 17 Feb 2013 003

This is the Spinnaker Tower, built for the Millennium I believe. It offers great views around the local area. We must go up there when we are visiting again if it's a clear day. One of the floors is made of glass so it appears that you are walking on air! I'm not too sure how much I will like that! You can see the masts of Nelson's flagship, HMS Victory to the left of the Tower. Another attraction I'd like to visit. I haven't been around since I was in primary school and we did a topic on Nelson. Mr JK and I were thinking that we ought to go down for a week and do all the touristy things that we never seem to have time for when we are visiting for the weekend. The Isle of Wight car ferry arrived and departed while we were there. The entrance to the harbour always strikes me as being very small to negotiate these great boats. I wonder how the people living in the flats feel to have a ferry moored up so close?!

Portsmouth 17 Feb 2013 006

It was a beautiful, crisp, frosty morning yesterday, so I dashed outside to take a few photos before the sun warmed up. I have hardly had any time to explore the garden yet, but am delighted to see signs of spring bulbs emerging.

February frost 2013 017

February frost 2013 013
February frost 2013 002

February frost 2013 006

February frost 2013 015

Now I'd better be off! There are boxes waiting for me! See you soon! xxx


busybusybeejay said...

So glad your move went ahead.Its always exciting with a new garden to see what appears.I hope you will be pleasantly surprised.My OH also has a huge collection of vinyl and a turntable.He has all the Beatles LPs.That craft room looks as though it is going to be great.Good luck sorting it out!

snoopydog said...

Hmm! Still a bit to do then ;-) Can't wait to come and see it all! XX

Jenny said...

Oh I know that feeling of where to put everything, boxes tend to linger for quite a while but eventually they disappear. Good to get out for some blue sky, maybe even a bit of gardening soon. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

oh goodness! unpacking does seem to take forever, doesn't it?
i'm glad you're able to have a few breaks inbetween all the moving/unpacking work!
that spiderweb photo is just gorgeous!

SapphireBlue said...

I am happy you are settling in nicely. Unpacking is such a huge task.

Lynne said...

What lovely photos! I hope everybody is settling in well, and good luck with the rest of the unpacking. :)

Laura Blinn said...

Sounds lovely! Hope you had a fun time exploring and get to so some more of it soon!

Jennifer said...

I love your photos, especially the ones with the frost. The spiderweb is amazing!