Sunday, 24 March 2013

A nice cup of Earl Grey Breakfast Blend

Earl Grey Roger socks (13)

Mmmmmmmmmmm! Doesn't that look delicious? Wanna know what it is? Of course you do! It's one of a very new range of yarns from my favourite designer, Anne Hanson, aka knitspot. This artisan yarn was born out of Anne's highly successful BareNakedKnitspot club, when back in May 2012, the club members received a skein of an alpaca blend yarn. I was pattern only for this club, but lusted after the yarn. One of the shades was called 'flapjack', it sounded so yummy and comforting. So I was delighted when BareNakedWools was launched at the end of January this year. The same alpaca yarn is back, in a range of colours including a rich chocolatey brown 'cocoa', a natural 'oatmeal' and a soft grey 'morning smoke'. This range, called the Breakfast Blend, is available in both fingering and DK weights. The fingering yarn is a blend of merino, alpaca and nylon (50/40/10) while the DK is a mix of merino and alpaca (60/40).

What can I tell you about this loveliness? It is an absolute delight to knit with; I savoured every last minute knitting each luscious stitch. The knitted fabric is soft and velvety, with a slight fuzzy halo, making for cosy knits. Perfect for accessories such as hats, cowls, mitts and socks as well as sweaters and cardigans. I can only imagine just how plush and snuggly it would feel being cocooned in a sweater knit out of Breakfast Blend.

Earl Grey Roger socks (7)
I was lucky enough to get a skein of the fingering weight yarn in the darker Earl Grey colourway, and knit my favourite knitspot socks, the Roger sock. Get ready for some pampered feet!

Earl Grey Roger socks (2)
Earl Grey Roger socks (6)

Earl Grey Roger socks (5)  
Earl Grey Roger socks (11)
Earl Grey Roger socks (17)

I am going to treat myself to another skein, DK this time, to knit a Squish Me hat. I might have to wait a little while because lots of the yarns have already sold out and are waiting to be restocked! Just shows how popular they are. Take a look at the yarn here. Which colourway is your favourite?

And of course, given how soft and snuggly this yarn is, it comes as no surprise at all that a certain little being has her beadies on the leftovers! xxx

Flo and Breakfast Blend 037


Michele in Maine said...

Lovely photos, as always dear Helen! I've still got my original Flapjack; maybe it will become Roger's?

Flo looks so nice against the grey!

Jenny said...

I don't like Earl Grey tea but I do like that yarn, the socks will be wonderful. However I love that little cat paw, I could eat it.

TT in MD said...

Nice post - love the photos! Love the one of Flo's claw clutching the yarn - wouldn't dare try to take that from her!

Anonymous said...

ooooooh! that yarn looks completely heavenly!!
i love that last photo - flo is the best kitty-helper!

Valerie said...

Just found you Helen, I live in Stockbridge, MA in the States! Long time admirer of our dear Anne Hansen.
Loved your socks and hope to get my BNK DK in Burnt Toast on my needles for one of her cowls! Can't wait for them to restock some of their yarns. Happy Knitting, Valerie

Lynne said...

I love that photo of Flo's paw and the yarn, and it goes so well with her! Your socks are fab, and the yarn is gorgeous. :)

Barb Grunder said... your post and I love the yarn too. Nice socks.....I haven't made those so will have to put them on the ever growing list after seeing how nice yours turned out. Barb