Thursday, 7 March 2013

Operation cat collar -


operation cat collar - fail

Well, phase 1 has failed. It took Miss Flo precisely three days to remove her collar. So today I have bought her one with a different closure. We shall see what she makes of that! In the meantime, she is making herself at home on our sheepskin throws (having studiously avoided the one in her basket purchased especially for her during our trip to Skye!) Butter wouldn't melt, eh?! xxx
butter wouldn't melt (2)


Claire said...

Trying to outwit a cat is like trying to punch fog .... good luck :)

Sue said...

Oh dear! Our gray cat Meg used to get rid of every single cat collar we put on her. In the end we decided that she wouldnt have one and she was happy. She never disappeared or went outside the garden so it wasnt a problem. I still think of her when people say their cats lose their collars. Your cat looks very comfy on the sheepskin rug.

WildflowerWool said...

Smart kitty :)

Jennyff said...

Ha ha. We once tried a collar on our cat Jimbob, it disappeared very quickly and eventually we found it in the bottom of the hedge. We think he'd hidden it there. I'd suggest you give up, cats always know best.

Anonymous said...

oh flo... well i don't think either of my cats would tolerate a collar.
and good luck getting your seat back... i never have much luck with that either!

snoopydogknits said...

Hmmm! Obviously Flo is one smart pussy cat, whi knows her own mind ;-) Ros