Saturday, 27 July 2013

A spot of sewing

To celebrate the start of the school holidays, I booked myself a place on a cushion making workshop at Callyco over in Cambridge.  You may remember that I went there last summer too and learnt how to make a little zip bag. Callyco is a really lovely shop with lots of gorgeous fabrics and trims. I arrived early and picked out a pretty star print fabric. Then it was down to the basement for the class to begin. The numbers are kept small (only 6 to a class) so you never have to wait more than a couple of minutes if you get stuck. It's set out really nicely, take a look for yourself!

cushion making 001

cushion making 005

cushion making 002

There a lots of lovely bits and pieces to look at for inspiration too.

cushion making 008

cushion making 007

cushion making 009

cushion making 004

cushion making 003

cushion making 006

See what I mean? Gorgeous, isn't it?! Stacey took us through the making process step by step. After cutting out two squares of fabric, I used a zigzag stitch for the first time to neaten up the edges where the zip was to go.

cushion making 010

I decided to add a pompom trim so that I could learn how to do it in the session. After pinning it on, I sewed it on with the machine.

cushion making 011

I didn't take any more photos during the class because I was too busy sewing. It was fun to see how everyone's cushions turned out and Stacey was really pleased with our efforts. Mr JK was equally impressed and has put in a request for another one, so I have ordered some more fabric!! I'm going to use them to make our garden bench a little more comfortable.
cushion making 013

Although I'm asking myself who I'm making it more comfortable for!! Flo has given it the paws up!! I'm off to Fibre East with Snoopydog tomorrow, so will report back on Monday. xxx

cushion making 012


Una said...

That is a lovely cushion. It's great to find a good class with small numbers. I'm a knitter as well who plans to take out her sewing machine soon. I just need an empty house so I can concentrate.

Lynne said...

Your cushion is brilliant! I love the pom poms, and the classroom is beautiful. Definitely lots of inspiration in there! What is it about cats and garden benches? My two cats love our garden bench, and so do the cat from across the street!

busybusybeejay said...

We are in Cambridge at the moment.We came down so that we could all go the Olympic Stadium and see the Anniversary Games today.We are staying until Wednesday "grandparenting" so I must search out that shop.Your cushion looks great.

SapphireBlue said...

Excellent choice of fabric. It looks so festive.

Claire said...

Lovely cushion, you must be very proud of it. I have a local sewing shop as well, here in Hythe, and she puts on many exciting classes from basic sewing to patchwork and every stop in between. It's very satisfying to produce something lovely in a class.

Clicky Needles said...

Cracking cushion. Have fun a Fibreeast, buy lots!

Jenny said...

Your talents are endless, I'm sure Flo would appreciate a big pile of those cushions. The last class I attended was jewellery making last year, I still have a half finished string of pink pearls somewhere.

Michele in Maine said...

What fun to take a sewing class! Your pillow is great! Flo will want one for her kitty tent I'm sure!

snoopydog said...

That's fab! I'll be placing an order! xxx

Anonymous said...

the shop looks absolutely amazing! who knew a basement could be so cozy!
your pillow turned out perfectly!
how kind of you to make it for flo, it's important she's comfortable outside as well :)