Sunday, 29 September 2013

A hard day's night!

Remember last week, when I said I had a new project to share with you which was going to be a high pressure knit? Well, here it is! Meet the Beatles!

Meet the Beatles!

The Fab Four are going to be part of a birthday gift for a dear friend in Germany. He is a complete Beatles fan, so Mr JK and I thought they would be perfect for him. I spotted the pattern in the summer holidays and ordered the book, only for it to go astray. Finally the replacement copy arrived along with the yarn last week. Having looked more closely at the patterns, there is no way that I am going to be able to have them all knit up by the time we visit Wolfgang in four weeks time. So they will become a longer term project and I shall try to do a little work on them each week. I have cast on John Lennon and will report back on progress in due course!
In the meantime, my knitting needles have not been completely idle. I have made a start on the next wide strip in my 64 Crayons blanket. It's easy knitting when my brain can't cope with anything  more complicated!

64 crayons WIP (5)

I am also halfway through knitting a pair of socks. The Roger sock is my favourite sock pattern, it's a really great fit.
Roger sock wip (2)

I also unearthed a sock that I started some time over the summer. I spun up some fibre and decided to see how it would look knit up as socks. So far, so good! I still have to ply the yarn for the other sock!

handspun sock

I also received two swap parcels this week. The first was from Judy in Indiana and was part of a bag and knitting notions swap in the ThreeBagsFull group on Ravelry. We agreed to swap a skein of yarn in addition to the bag and notions. I love the cherry red colour of the yarn she picked out for me.

3bf swap with judy 003

Judy's cat Timothy sent Flo some of his favourite treats and madam couldn't wait to get her paws on them! (She also sent some treats to Timothy, I hope he likes them!)

3bf swap with judy 005

The second parcel was part of a fibre swap in the Fluff-n-Stuff group on Ravelry. Stephanie sent me a braid of Stinger fibre (it's called Stinger because some of the fibre comes from nettles!) and three extremely decadent bars of chocolate. We are having a spin-along in October so with any luck I ought to get this spun up. It's a semi-solid mix of beautiful teals and blues.
fluff-n-stuff swap 001

Mr JK and I are still walking every day and I am very surprised by how much I am enjoying it. The mornings are dark now when we leave the house, but when you get rewarded with a view like this, it's easy to keep going!

sunrise 28.9 (2)

Florence has taken up residence in her furry igloo now that it's getting a little chillier. She really is such a darling, we love her to bits! See you next time. xxx
sleepy flo (3)


snoopydog said...

Lots of woolly and furry goodness here; just what was needed! Love the way the spun yarn is knitting up and look forward to seeing Beatles progress, especially Paul ;-) Give Flo a stroke and cuddle from her Auntie! Rosx

Kate said...

"I have cast on John Lennon"

That's a sentence that I didn't expect to ever read. :-) I admire your ability to knit such fiddly things.

I like the Roger socks - they look very similar to these free ones:

Catherine said...

Lots of loveliness...yarn and chocolate! looking forward to seeing the Fab Four all finished. Cx

Michele in Maine said...

Wow, good luck with the Beatles! That looks like quite an undertaking.

Flo looks so glossy and sleek as usual!

Aren't peanut butter cups just delicious?

Lynne said...

Oh my goodness! I LOVE the knitted Beatles!! Good luck with them, I'll look forward to seeing them finished. :)

Anonymous said...

wow - you are a good friend to knit all four beatles for someone! look forward to following your progress!!

and oh sweet flo... all snuggled up like a sweet little kitty! meow!

Kat said...

I just got the book with the Beatles in it coincidentally. I am itching to cast on for Henry VIII. I will be very interested in observing your progress having never done anything of the kind myself.
xo Kat