Thursday, 2 January 2014

And finally some knitting!

In the run up to Christmas, I was busy trying to get some gift knitting done. (Why do I always leave it so late?!) And since then, despite the temptation of new projects, I have been trying to get my mountain of WIPs reduced. It seems like ages since I actually blogged about some finished knitting, but I have loads to show you today. Hope you are sitting comfortably. Do you need to get a cuppa first? Oh, go on then, I'll wait!!
The first thing I finished was a cowl for my friend Charlotte. She has been suffering from a stiff neck, so I hope this will go some way to keeping her nice and cosy. Sorry the pictures aren't great, but I ran out of time to get a daylight shot. You can find the pattern here.
Charlotte's Gap-tastic Christmas cowl (2)

Charlotte's Gap-tastic Christmas cowl (5)

I already blogged about my Christmas ornament swap with Marianne, but I didn't show you what I sent her. I found a cute snowman pattern on Ravelry and knit up a mini-Frosty for her tree. It was fun to knit although a little bit fiddly. I think a snowman family might be fun for next year, don't you?
Not quite Frosty - swap with Marianne (1)

You may remember that I have been busy with some secret knitting. Well, I can now share some of that with you. I was test knitting a new sock pattern for Kim over on Ravelry. It's her second design and is a really interesting and fun knit. It's called Rain Catchers and you can buy a copy here. We are having an informal KAL in the 'socks, socks, socks .....' thread of the ThreeBagsFull group if you fancy joining us! Anyway, enough of that - feast your eyes on these beautiful socks! (Photos are courtesy of Mr JK!)
Rain Catcher test knit (14)

Rain Catcher test knit (11)

Rain Catcher test knit (9)

Rain Catcher test knit (7)
My dear friend Snoopydog became a grandma again right at the start of the Christmas holidays. I couldn't pass up this opportunity to knit a few baby things, and have managed to rustle up a darling little cardigan .......
Evie's puerperium (4)

Evie's puerperium (3)

........ some cute baby socks .......

Baby socks for Evie (2)

Baby socks for Evie (1)

...... and these sweet little 'Baby Ballerina' slippers!

Baby ballerinas for Evie (2)

Baby socks (1)

Everything is ready to be packaged up and posted off to baby Evie!

While we are on a baby-theme, I also knit another pair of the Cozy Toes socks for baby Otto. The ribbing helps them to stay on wriggly little feet!

Cozy toes no (1)

Finally, for now, I made a crocheted tape measure cover (like the one Marianne gave me) as a gift for a friend. The pattern is a bit vague and I'm sure I made a bit of it up! Even though it was really fiddly to make, I am happy with the way it turned out and can see me making more of these as gifts.

seriously cute tape measure (1)

So I think you're more or less up to date now! My WIPs are reduced and I am going to try to avoid casting on too many new things before I've finished something else. I am off to London on Saturday to meet up with Katharine. She is the other moderator in the ThreeBagsFull group and has been spending the holdiays in the UK. I cannot wait to see her again. We have lots planned including shopping for yarn, fabric, beads and buttons and of course fitting in some knitting, drinking tea and eating cake!! I'll report back on Sunday! xxx


snoopydog said...

Wow! Some lovely finished items!!! Love the cowl and the sock pattern looks great. Might to join in with the KAL. Needless to say, I just love the pretty cardi and little socks for baby Evie. She'll be very appreciative of them! Have a great day with Katherine on Saturday and say hello to her for me. Xx

SapphireBlue said...

Wow! Lots of pretty knitting to see.

Jenny said...

Cowls and cables and baby items, these are a few of my favourite things (yes I did watch SoM over Christmas, again). I've already made a pair of those baby socks, thanks for the share, a great way of using up left over sock yarn and a perfect gift.

Anonymous said...

You were a busy bee! I think I might do a round up of 2013 in knitting at the weekend, although I'm still a relatively newish knitter concentrating on small projects at the moment, so it won't be a pretty or spectacular as yours! I don't like too many WIPs, makes me feel a bit depressed, as if nothing is ever going to get finished!

Anonymous said...

oh wow!
where to even begin.... everything is gorgeous!
that cowl is completely stunning and i love the little baby sweater!