Sunday, 19 January 2014

Battle ongoing!

I have not managed to wrench my cardigan from dear Flo's clutches yet. She is still proving incredibly 'helpful' while I am sewing it together as you can see!

Flo helps with the sewing up! 004

I am confident that victory will be mine eventually! Apart from seaming the cardigan, which I have only been doing when the light is good enough to see properly, I have been knitting a plain vanilla sock for Wolfgang in Germany. I also knit a very quick pair of mitts for my friend Charlotte. They go with the cowl I knit her for Christmas and should help to keep her warm when she is walking her dogs.
Charlotte's mitts (5)

Charlotte's mitts (1)

I am trying to whittle away at my WIPs prior to the Ravellenics starting alongside the Winter Olympics at Sochi. I will tell you more about my targets for the Games another time.
I did receive a squishy parcel this week. I treated myself to a 3 month membership of the Natural Dye Studio Mini-skeins club in a 'happy birthday to me!' moment last December. I very much enjoyed receiving the monthly package last year when I was a member of the Rainbow club. This month's skeins are Angelus, which is a delicious mixture of 70% alpaca, 20% silk and 10% cashmere. I love how the skeins just lead on one to the next. I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I signed up!
NDS miniskeins Jan (2)

We have been busy in the kitchen this weekend. Here's a clue to what we have made.......

marmalade making (3)

In a recent blog post, Jenny alerted me to the fact that Seville oranges were available in the shops. So Mr JK bought some this week and we now have 9lbs of delicious Seville orange marmalade. That should keep us going for a good few years! We are just eating up our last jar from a batch made in 2009!

marmalade making (4)

I shall leave you with a photo of Flo. Mr JK came home early this week and caught her 'red pawed'!! I'm not sure which part of 'No, you are NOT allowed on the kitchen worktops!' she doesn't understand!! xxx

while the cat's away ....


Puppet Lady said...

Enjoy you marmalade! I'm like you in that it seems to take a while to get through it, although we've just finished 2011! It does darken and mature nicely, though. Your wool looks just lovely and I'll look forward to see what you will make with it.

Claire said...

Nice looking marmalade. I shall have to see if there are any seville oranges locally, as you've made me want some now.

I looked at that mini skeins club and was tempted. I'm even more tempted now. Looking forward to see what you make.

Loving the fingerless mitts as well. Is that your own spun yarn?

Una said...

When you finally get a chance to wear that cardigan, Flo will be jumping all over you!

Judith White said...

Flo is not the only one in trouble. Timothy jumped up on my desk Saturday morning to check for his treats and knocked over a glass of orange juice! What a sticky mess to clean up. Thankfully, no yarn was harmed.

The color of the sweater is just lovely and will be so nice on you.

Lynne said...

Flo looks pretty comfy on your cardigan, good luck with getting it back!! The mini skeins are beautiful, the colours go together beautifully. Have you any plans about what to make with them?

Anonymous said...

oh flo... you sassy cardigan swapper!
maybe you can grab it quick while she's being naughty on the kitchen counter?!? :)

your mitts look gorgeous and marmalade, yummy!!