Monday, 5 May 2014

Bank Holiday Monday

We have been enjoying the extra day off work today, starting off with an early morning walk through the local countryside. The hedgerows are awash with froths of cow parsley; they look like they are all decked out for a rural wedding!
Bank Holiday Monday 003

Bank Holiday Monday 004

We headed up to Blickling Hall after breakfast for a walk through the Park. The bluebells are truly magnificent, with great swathes of woodland carpeted in these spring flowers. The dappled sunshine made it perfect.
Bank Holiday Monday 022
Bank Holiday Monday 024
Bank Holiday Monday 014
Bank Holiday Monday 011

I wore my new sweater, Vodka Lemonade. I love it, and can see me knitting another one! It was plenty warm enough in the shelter of the woods.

Bank Holiday Monday 020

There were plenty of sheep and lambs on the Park - there are tenant farmers on the Estate. The lambs are getting quite big now. Mint sauce, anyone?!
Bank Holiday Monday 029

Bank Holiday Monday 032

I have been working on my 64 Crayon blanket recently and finished another strip today. I decided to lay out what I have done so far to help me decide how many more pieces I need. The blanket is perfect for my stash of single balls of Noro Silk Garden yarn. It was the bright colours of Noro that lured me back into the world of knitting a few years ago. By my reckoning, I need at least one more wide and one more narrow strip. It's good car knitting!
Bank Holiday Monday 035

Bank Holiday Monday 033

Bank Holiday Monday 036

We have been playing with Mr JK's new toy - a coffee machine. It's an early birthday present, and I couldn't resist these gorgeous rainbow espresso mugs from Le Creuset!
coffee time 004

coffee time 002

I am not a coffee lover, but don't mind the odd cappuccino, especially when it comes with a delicious, homemade chocolate and ginger cookie! Mmmmmmm! (I had to buy a couple of special cups for cappuccinos too!)
coffee and biscuits (2)

Hopefully the sunshine will hold out so we can enjoy afternoon tea in the garden later on. Hot buttered crumpets and the last slices of our Christmas's stollen are on the menu. (Fear not, it's been kept in the freezer and still tastes every bit as good as when it was first baked!) I hope you have enjoyed your Monday too. xxx
PS The computer randomly selected Lynne as the winner of the crocheted tape measure cosy. Congratulations to you Lynne and thanks everyone for entering. If you didn't win, you might like to follow my tutorial and make your own!


snoopydogknits said...

The blanket is looking lovely! So too are those colourful coffee mugs. I need to come and sample a mug of your posh coffee! ;-) Rosx

Vivianne said...

Do you have a recipe for those cookies ? It's an interesting combination of flavors :)

Lynne said...

What lovely photos (and weather!). I got rained on twice yesterday when gardening, so I gave it up as a bad job and did some crafting instead! Thank you for picking me as the giveaway winner, I've sent you my address on Ravelry.

Spinthrift said...

What lovely photographs... I adore cow parsley. I have a bunch in my classroom at the moment that a child brought to school & I cycle past clouds of it every morning (probably every evening as well but I'm too tired to notice by then). Love your blanket too.

Claire said...

The blanket is really coming on well. There is loads of Cow Parsley around here in Kent and my mother calls it Queen Anne's Lace, which is more romantic than Cow Parsley I think :)