Monday, 27 October 2014

Day 3 - Ryedale Folk Museum and Nunnington Hall

We decided to visit the Ryedale Folk Museum today. We were the first visitors there and it was brilliant to have the place to ourselves. We could spend as long as we wanted exploring all the exhibits. It was an absolutely fascinating place consisting of a collection of buildings and their contents, giving an insight into the lives of our ancestors. My favourite place was the village shop, with the shelves packed full with everything you would have needed including cleaning products, sweets and sewing things. I even recognised some of the packaging from my youth.

Day 3 more Ryedale Folk museum and Nunnington Hall (11)

Day 3 - Ryedale Folk Museum and Nunnington Hall (7)

I love this card full of buttons. I have a couple of similar cards on a much smaller scale that I inherited in my grandmother's button box. 

Day 3 - Ryedale Folk Museum and Nunnington Hall (4)

It was fascinating to see so many of the old crafts and skills all in one place. Our lives are so full of technology, it made me nostalgic for the simplicity of the past.

The museum also has an incredible collection of antiques and curiosities forming the Harrison Collection, put together by two local brothers over fifty years. So many unusual and interesting objects here, I spotted a couple of carved wooden knitting supports. These were practical tools, used to support a third knitting needle, tucked into a belt or under the arm. The two in this photo date from 1686 and 1746. I had never heard of these before so did some more research if you're interested.

Day 3 - Ryedale Folk Museum and Nunnington Hall (27)

We spent the afternoon at the National Trust property of Nunnington Hall. There was plenty to look at throughout the house before walking through the gardens. Mr JK and I played Pooh Sticks on the bridge leading to the Hall - it was Mr JK's first time! Tomorrow we might head in to explore York. xxx

Day 3 - Ryedale Folk Museum and Nunnington Hall (45)


snoopydog said...

Ah you went' It's so lovely isn't it! xx

Spinthrift said...

Have a lovely holiday. I've just started working in York at the National Science Learning Centre & it is a lovely City. If you go back to Whitby do try out Humble Pie on the corner of Grape Lane. They do pie & mash with jam roly poly for pud in a delightfully retro café.
Best wishes

knittingsandwich said...

oh that shop sounds like such a magical place - i loved looking at all the details of the items in the photos!
pooh sticks! what fun!!

SapphireBlue said...

The shop is a wonderful glimpse into history.