Friday, 27 March 2015

Devon, I'm in Devon!!

Or at least I probably will be by the time you read this! I'm off to spend the weekend with a friend from University. I taught her how to crochet last summer and she wants to learn how to knit socks, having been on the receiving end of several pairs from me in the past! She's invited a couple of other friends to come along too, so I have been busy putting together sock kits!

sock kits (2)

The tote bags were a surprise extra from Shiela at I ordered three sets of double pointed needles from her and when she found out that I was making kits up for friends, she very kindly threw in the bags for them to carry all their sock paraphernalia around in. We are going to start off by knitting a mini sock to learn all the different stages of sock knitting, before starting on an actual pair. Just look at this little sock, so cute!

mini sock

I am hoping for a clotted cream tea at some point over the weekend as well as plenty of knitting and chatting. I'll report back on how everyone gets on next week. See you then! xxx


Lynne said...

That mini sock is brilliant! I love your sock kits, and how kind of the shop to send you the lovely bags. Good luck with the class!

Jenny said...

Great fun and lovely kits, look forward to hearing all about it particularly as I've never been to Devon.

knittingsandwich said...

oh what a fun adventure!
(the bonus of being so far behind in blog reading is that i won't have to wait very long at all to find out how things went!)