Sunday, 5 July 2015

Wrist status: 1

Wrist: splinted

Number of days without knitting: 14

(Non) knitter's mood: tetchy! The Tour de Fleece began yesterday and it's the first year since I have been spinning that I haven't been able to take part.

I'm sad to say that there has been no change to my wrist, despite wearing the splint religiously. I have an x-ray this week, so hopefully that will show up if there are any underlying joint issues. Thank you to everyone who suggested books for me to read. I have been reading more this week, and Mr JK and I have been enjoying extended evenings in the garden thanks to the gorgeous weather. A friend on Ravelry suggested that I get a colouring book for grown ups so that I can do something creative. Who knew that such a thing existed?! I browsed several on Amazon and eventually picked one up in Sainsbury's on Friday. I am going to have a play around a little later today. I found my pencil crayons and put them in a new home - a fun tin from my dear friend Snoopydog - and I will let you know how my new hobby develops!

colouring (1)

Despite my frustrations at not being able to do anything yarny, there have been some good times this week. 

*** homemade chocolate chip cookies and frothy coffee in the garden ***

chocolate chip cookies (3)

*** Watching Flo find a shady spot outside ***

hot Flo (2)

*** Our first strawberry! ***

happy little things (2)

*** An unexpected gift from a Ravelry friend ***

gifts from Beki (2)

*** Meeting up with Snoopydog to celebrate her birthday! ***

happy birthday snoops (2)

*** A bunch of cheap and cheerful Sweet Williams to brighten the house ***

sweet  williams (2)

*** The French beans having a race to get to the top of the cane! ***
(I seriously cannot get over just how fast these guys grow.)

happy little things (4)

*** Lavender in full bloom ***

happy little things (3)

Have a good week. I'm off to sharpen my crayons as I'm itching to get colouring! xxx


busybusybeejay said...

I am so sorry your wrist is no better.Its the thing I dread.I have got that colouring book.I bought it a couple of years ago and treated myself to a large box of crayons.Its good fun and very calming!Are you off school?Hope you improve soon and can get back knitting.Barbarax

snoopydogknits said...

Was lovely seeing you yesterday and am overjoyed with my lovely gifts. I'm a lucky old bird! ;-) Your produce looks deliciously inviting. Hope the colouring fills a small bit of the creative hole! Love Ros xx

Lynne said...

Oh no! Hopefully all this rest will start to work it's magic soon. I like the look of the colouring book, I think I saw these in Bargains Books if there is one local to you. And I love the photo of Flo under the beautiful red Acer. Fingers crossed that you'll be knitting soon!

VeggieMummy said...

Hope your wrist is better soon. My eldest bought one of the adult colouring books as a bit of stress relief whilst doing her uni finals. She heartily recommended them, so I've just bought one for my youngest too - I might have to have a sneaky go! Love the picture of Flo and your cookies and frothy coffee had me drooling! Have a good week. x

Jill at emeraldcottage said...

Aaaaah I broke my wrist a few years ago, sooo frustrating. And it was my right wrist and yes I'm right-handed. What surprised me was how tired it made me, all that healing takes energy I suppose! Hope yours heals quickly with no complications :)
ps found you whilst blog hopping :)