Friday, 17 July 2015

Wrist status: 2

Wrist: still splinted

Number of days without knitting: 26

(Non) Knitter's mood: Glum

I am resigned to the fact that it doesn't look likely that it's going to be a quick recovery. Despite wearing the splint every day, my wrist is still swollen and painful when gripping/turning/twisting things. But the good news is that the x-ray showed that my joint was fine and the blood tests were all normal, so at least it would appear that it's an isolated injury rather than something more worrying.

Last weekend I did manage to do some baking - banana, cranberry and walnut muffins - (yes, we had an overripe banana almost crawling out of the fruit bowl, and some dried cranberries and the last of a bag of walnut pieces in the cupboard!) and they were actually rather tasty.

banana and cranberry muffins (1)

Mr JK put in a request  for some ginger biscuits, so I turned to Delia for a recipe. Her gingernut recipe is very, very simple and very, very good! There are a few left in the biscuit tin but I doubt very much that they will last the weekend!

gingernuts (2)

Just three days of school left and the prospect of Fibre East next weekend! Can't wait! More of that later in the week. I am planning a lazy weekend and so is Flo! How about you? Got anything exciting planned? Back soon xxx

Flo watches the sewing (6)

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Lynne said...

On no to the splint, but yey to the clear xray! Hopefully a bit of resting is all that is needed, and those ginger biscuits look delicious.