Saturday, 28 May 2016

By the skin of my teeth!

It has been a week of madness here, spinning at every opportunity in a desperate attempt to get my yarn spun up and plied in time to get in the post for the spinning competition at this year's Fibre-East. I know that I work better under pressure, but even so, this was perhaps a little too close for comfort! Last weekend, I got the spinning wheel turning again and made a start on my competition entry. I shared with you the first of the braids - 'Sunset'. Over the following days, I spun up 'Dusk' and 'Night', with my trusty feline assistant close by to supervise. Thank goodness for Flo! I'd be lost without her!

Fibre East spinning (3)

more Fibre East spinning (2)

When it was time to start plying, I set up my own version of a tensioned Lazy Kate. I find that the bobbins turn round too fast on the one that is on my wheel, meaning that too much yarn unwinds and then plies back on itself. This one may look a bit 'Heath Robinson' but it works really well.

Fibre East spinning (4)

Fibre East spinning (5)

Crikey, I don't think I could have squeezed another metre of yarn onto this bobbin! Satisfyingly full of lovely springy yarn!

Fibre East spinning (6)

Fibre East spinning (1)

I'm very pleased to say that I posted my entries off to Fibre-East this morning! As well as this 3-ply yarn, I also entered a 2-ply yarn that I'd spun a year or two ago and a shawl and socks both knit from handspun yarn. I'll let you know later in the summer how I get on. I had forgotten just how relaxing spinning was. It's not too long until the Tour de Fleece begins; I'm looking forward to a whole month of playing with fibre. Do you fancy joining me? xxx

Fibre East spinning (2)


VeggieMummy said...

I'm so impressed with your yarn - beautiful colours and so neat and even. The shawl and socks are lovely too. Fingers crossed that they do well. Enjoy the bank holiday and hugs to your little furry assistant. xx

Jennyff said...

It doesn't sound that relaxing, apart from the calming influence of Flo, but well done you made it and the yarn does look delicious. Fingers crossed here and no doubt paws crossed at yours, good luck.

Lynne said...

This looks brilliant, and the colours are just lovely together. Any cat training tips would be gratefully received, my two refuse to help with anything!!