Sunday, 1 January 2017

Looking back

I thought long and hard about doing my usual year end blog post; started it, deleted it, and eventually decided that I would write something about the past twelve months. Everything falls into one of two times - before or after Mr JK died. I can't believe almost three months have passed by. Time flies and all that, but I've definitely not been having fun. Mr JK and I always had a very low-key New Year. A lovely meal and then enjoying each other's company before heading up to bed, usually fast asleep way before midnight, with Flo snuggled in between us. Now I'm moving into 2017 and feel like I'm leaving Mr JK behind in 2016. Life is still incredibly sad, but sharing things with you does help me in my grieving. I'll try not to be too much of a misery guts!

These were the resolutions I made at the start of 2016:

1. To knit from stash as much as possible.
2. To sew a garment that is actually wearable!
3. To continue designing and publish some more patterns.
4. To improve my free motion stitching.
5. To start spinning again.
6. To finish my Cosy blanket and my Love Squared blanket.

So how did I get on?

1. To knit from stash as much as possible. 
Well although my stash seems to have grown exponentially, most of it has come as gifts from friends. I did buy a little at Fibre-East and Ally Pally, but I have tried really hard not to buy more yarn. Who knows what will happen in 2017 - I suspect there may be a little 'comfort' buying, and I already have a trip to Loop planned for later this month as well as Unravel in February. I promise to share any new squishiness with you!

2. To sew a garment that is actually wearable!
Yes, I did it! I did a workshop at the brilliant SewMeSomething in Stratford-upon-Avon and made a Kate dress. I have the pattern to sew an Imogen top and that's going to be my next sewing project. Here's the photographic evidence that it is wearable!

3. To continue designing and publish some more patterns.
I published five new patterns this year. There are several more in the pipeline that need writing up too! You can find all my patterns free here on Ravelry. 

4. To improve my free motion stitching.
I really love free motion stitching, having been inspired by the work of Poppy Treffry. I've made a few cushions as gifts for people this year and would like to do more of this kind of sewing, perhaps on some project bags too.

5. To start spinning again.
I did do some spinning last year - ready for the spinning competition at Fibre-East and also during the Tour de Fleece. Sadly, it hasn't carried on. I don't really understand why, except that there aren't enough hours in the day for me to do all the crafty things I'd like. It is very soothing so I really ought to find time again.

6. To finish my Cosy blanket and my Love Squared blanket.
The Cosy blanket is done! I love it, it's so colourful and happy. Its new home is over the back of one of the sofas, and as I often find a pussy-cat shaped dent in it, I think Florence is rather fond of it too! The Love Squared blanket is still in its individual blocks. I'll have to try and work on it this year.

So what for 2017? I'm not going to set myself lots of specific goals this year. I'm continuing to work with Stylecraft as one of their Blogstars and am very excited about that. Mr JK was so proud of me when I was asked to be part of the team and I want to keep making him proud with all the things that I achieve in the coming year. I'm so thankful for all my friends for all their kindness. Both at home and in Blogland, I have been really touched by the support I've received. I think that my knitting and other crafting is going to be one of the things that helps me as I begin my journey into 2017. I'll be taking you along with me, sharing the highs and lows, as I go. Please keep me company. xxx


zetor said...

Will certainly be keeping you company. You have good goals for 2017.

Gracey is not my name.... said...

Oh my...I wasn't reading as many blogs in the past couple of months and I missed the news of Mr. JK's passing...I am so sorry...there are no words.....

Cindy said...

I will check in on your blog each day- and try to keep you company! Your blog and photography is wonderful.
Happy New Year to you and many blessings to you as well!

Bridget said...

It's always nice to be able to accomplish goals, and you did a pretty amazing job. I think I got close to about 2 of mine ...

I know how you feel about leaving 2016 behind. I had same feeling. I did come across a quote that said "It's OK to get excited about the future. The past won't mind." That made me feel a little bit better.

Take care of yourself, and here's hoping 2017 treats you and Flo very well.

busybusybeejay said...

You are doing what Mr JK would have wanted you to do,remembering the past but also looking forward.Crafting is a great way of passing time and you have so many projects you can do that it is a good way of moving forward.

kjsutcliffe said...

Sending you hugs and strength to keep going and keep strong x

VeggieMummy said...

Your crafty makes are beautiful and I'm so glad that they bring you and Flo comfort. Mr. JK would be very proud of you. Count me in for the ride in 2017. Hugs. xx

Jennyff said...

JK we are all proud of you. There will be sad times in 2017 of course but I wish plenty of good times and lots of yarn for you and Flo. Keep crafting. xx

Valeria said...

Happy New Year to you and sweet Flo!
I will be following your adventures in 2017!

Jane Winter said...

Hi Helen
Are you a member of the Guild of spinners, weavers and dyers? Their summer school is for a week in August. It is also open to non-members. Although you have just missed the deadline you will probably be able to get a place if you want. There are three different spinning classes; all of them look fab. I've booked for a weaving course & will find out if I've got my first choice later this month. Here is a link It's a great week surrounded by fibre folk. Just thought that you might be interested.

I wish you all the best for 2017. Thank you for a lovely blog.

Take care


PixieFoxtrot said...

Hi Helen, you are a real inspiration. I'm thinking of setting myself some "crafty" challenges for the year, something I've never done before, so thank you for the idea.
I see you went to "sew me something" at Stratford. They're only a few miles down the road from me. Sewing is something I've never really done properly since school: we made an apron to use in cookery classes (compete with your surname embroidered across the front), and a smock top (very 70's!). I'm thinking of following your example and booking a class there. It's a pity I didn't find them before, it would've been nice to have gone on the same class as you. It would've been lovely to meet you. Let me know if you have plans to do any more of their classes.
Best wishes for 2017 for you and Flo,

TT in MD said...

lovely post, tears here. i enjoy your blog and look forward to future posts! you did well with your goals! and i love the look Flo is giving you 🙂

Claire said...

I shall definitely be accompanying you into 2017. Your posts always delight me with your crafty excellence. Mr JK will be cheering you on from wherever he is carrying on in his next existence.

Christi said...

I'm happy that I found your blog and will follow along in 2017. Have been thinking of you lots and am sending hugs to you and Flo.

Kim in Canada xx

Helsie said...

Wishing you a prosperous New Year Helen, I'll still keep you company here in blogland. I love to see all your clever craft work.
Chin up, you've done so well and are very lucky to have caring friends and family there with you all the way.